Private post, stay out!!!

You don’t follow directions very well, do you?  I like that lol!!  Anyway, just a quick little post to update on a couple of things.  Sunday, September the 10th will be the grand opening of Created Wonderfully Lingerie Boutique, come see us from 1-6 at 125 Oak Street in downtown Mount Airy! We will have a couple of drawings going on that day as well as some exciting offers!  There is a private room that is for members only with a few novelty items and some more racy type lingerie instead of just the “pretty ones” out front, to have access to it you must subscribe with your email address to this blog (there’s a place at the bottom to enter your email) and you’ll receive back a confirmation as well as being subscribed to this blog and always have the most up to date information about specials and sales for photography and lingerie!! It’s a win/win!!

If you have already been approved for the members only room, you need not do anything, but if you do sign up for emails then you’ll get to see about sales that we will be having that may not always be open to the general public!

Thanks for all of the support and I can’t wait to see you all!


Sheesh, I think I can rest now…oh, wait…nevermind

Dang.  I. Am. Tired.

Ok, let me see if I can fill you all in on the past two weeks…Moved out of old studio on Franklin Street into new studio/lingerie boutique on Oak Street, and the listed the old studio on AirBnB. Those several words do not nearly entail all that has went into this procedure…nor the sweat, tears, and aggravation it caused at times, but neither does it tell of the friends I have surrounding me that have pitched in tirelessly to accomplish this with me. My husband has been such a rock star during this and climbing the ladder for me, because if you know me, I don’t do heights…I am also scared of heights for others that I see on them lol….anyway, I am such a blessed chick!!

On August the 24th I had already had plans to take my 16 year old son to a little, before being a junior in high school, mama/son trip to Asheville.  This was all planned before I decided to move/open lingerie/rent out old space and I did have second thoughts about going.  I could have explained to him that I just didn’t have the time right now, and, being the most freakin awesome kid he is, would have shrugged it off like it was no big deal.  I went anyway and left all my work and stuff I needed to be doing, and I am so so so so glad I did.  We had the best time (well…I did anyway, he tolerated me lol). I realize so much more that life is short and fragile and so finite and my son will only be readily available to me just a couple more short years.  It was a priceless trip, and guess what, all that stuff was still here waiting for me when I got back, and it is getting done.

We had our first shoot in the new studio Monday and it was amazing!!!  September is almost full, but due to some reschedules there are a couple spots that have recently opened up.  October I will only be working at the hospice home on a very limited basis to be able to be at my lingerie shop more and to talk to potential boudoir photography clients. The grand opening for the lingerie boutique is going to be September 10th from 1-6 and I am going to have some specials going on that day.

Now…I am going to be able to have some time to kick back, but probably not until October.  Good thing I thrive on a full calendar because I sure have one and love every minute of it!!!

How this works…

We want our new shop to be a safe, fun environment for women and couples to be able to come shop our gorgeous lingerie that we are getting in.  We are also going to have some adult products available, but there is a process that we are implementing to keep it a safe place.  The lingerie shop is going to be open for limited hours in the beginning and if you are in the Facebook group you will be able to get our hours of operation regularly there.  Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions as we go forth with this new experience!  I am sure we will make some mistakes and, just like always, we will learn from them!

Watch me…

I have become a go getter…I don’t just sit back and wish for things to be different, I make things happen, whether or not someone doesn’t like what I’m doing, that’s none of my business and not something I worry too much about. 

I love what I do and how I help empower women to embrace themselves and love themselves. I want to help them be happy and healthy, in all aspects of their life…emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and physically. Women are complex beings that most men will tell you, they don’t understand. We truly are. 

Also, as women, we lose ourselves to everything else we have going on in our lives, kids, significant others, jobs, household chores, and the million other things we have going on. I try to teach the women friends I have in my life, you have to care about yourself and make time for you to do something you want to. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. When you’re happier, everyone in your home will be happier too. 

One day about a year ago, I had brought up this idea of opening a lingerie shop. My husband, in jest, told me I couldn’t do everything. Little did he know (well, he probably did know haha!!) I sure will try lol!! I told him that day, “watch me…”. 

I am still going to be a hospice nurse, and I’m still going to be a photographer, and now I’m going to be running a little lingerie boutique from out of my new photography studio. Yes, it’s a lot on my plate, but I have some pretty solid plans and goals to meet. 

My husband also told me recently that I worked circles around him, if you know my husband, you know that’s not possible. We are a hard working couple though and I’m so proud of him and his own business he has going now. We are blessed!! 

Exciting news…and a sweet little video

I haven’t posted much about my life lately, mainly because I have been too busy living it to be able to pause and write about it…but there are lots of changes coming!!

First of all, we will be moving to a new location soon, there will, of course, be more information on that coming in the next few weeks (P.S. it’s PeRfEcT :D).  We are still booking appointments and are almost booked up for September and October (get in touch SOON if you are thinking of doing this for Christmas!!!).

Second, I am in the process of revamping my website, it’s just always a work in progress and I will be incorporating some professional help too.  There will also be more package options and different price points to suit every budget!

Third, we are now offering something really cool that I have came up with and named “alpha-body” sessions.  That’s where we take parts of your body and the shape of it, to spell out words, such as your lovers name or some other significant word that means something to you.  These sessions are so cool and I have examples at the studio that you can see!!

Lastly, I just love this shoot so much, she truly rocked it, so I made a little video to share too! I hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by and reading!!

Ms. A

This beautiful lady wanted to do something special for her husband and herself!!  She came in and got to take a break from reality and feel like the gorgeous person she is…we are so blessed to be a part of this experience for all of our wonderful client!!

As you can see, she totally demolished this shoot and is a total babe!!!  Thanks Ms. A for allowing us to know you 😀

Why we do what we do…

I am humbled, honored, and amazed at the women who trust in us to do this experience!!!  We have been in the studio for two years and have met some of the most amazing women and heard some incredible stories.  We have laughed, and we have cried, and we have celebrated together…as women.

Some have come into the studio that we have never met before, but they leave and they are our new friends.  We do not just “take pictures” here.  My team of beautiful ladies that help me out are my biggest cheerleaders and fans, and I could not do this without them!!  It is truly magical to see the transformation during a shoot when every single woman I have in front of my camera starts off so unsure and then just blossoms into a confident, sexy, beautiful soul and walks out with their head a little higher, it truly is a passion for me!

I have expended quite a bit of energy into learning this art, and I learn and improve with every shoot.  We do this because we love empowering women!!  Women forget they are beautiful creatures and we get so busy being mamas, wives, caregivers, employees, and everything else that we are, that we forget to celebrate being a woman!

I know sometimes life gets busy, you feel your body isn’t “perfect,” your nerves tell you that you can’t do this, you don’t think you can look like the past clients we have shot, or you feel you need an excuse to do a shoot…I know it’s easy to get negative BUT go read some of our reviews here from our past clients who probably all felt the same way, but did it anyway and were glad they didn’t wait another minute!!

Happy birthday to Jessica, she’s the beauty at the top of this post today.  If you’d like to see more from her shoot, check them out here!! She is one of our awesome stories and one of our cheerleaders too!!



Double the fun!!

Here are a few more from recent couples sessions we did…I LOVE capturing the connection between people, from the laughs and smiles, to the sexy looks they have for one another…..and these peeps all rocked it!!! They all had to step out of their comfort zone and it was harder to do for the men than the women sometimes!!!  When it was all said and done, they all had such a fun time and have all said they would love to do it again. It is a great experience to have together and would make a great anniversary, engagement, or just make a new special occasion together!