Ms. A

This beautiful lady wanted to do something special for her husband and herself!!  She came in and got to take a break from reality and feel like the gorgeous person she is…we are so blessed to be a part of this experience for all of our wonderful client!!

As you can see, she totally demolished this shoot and is a total babe!!!  Thanks Ms. A for allowing us to know you 😀


Why we do what we do…

I am humbled, honored, and amazed at the women who trust in us to do this experience!!!  We have been in the studio for two years and have met some of the most amazing women and heard some incredible stories.  We have laughed, and we have cried, and we have celebrated together…as women.

Some have come into the studio that we have never met before, but they leave and they are our new friends.  We do not just “take pictures” here.  My team of beautiful ladies that help me out are my biggest cheerleaders and fans, and I could not do this without them!!  It is truly magical to see the transformation during a shoot when every single woman I have in front of my camera starts off so unsure and then just blossoms into a confident, sexy, beautiful soul and walks out with their head a little higher, it truly is a passion for me!

I have expended quite a bit of energy into learning this art, and I learn and improve with every shoot.  We do this because we love empowering women!!  Women forget they are beautiful creatures and we get so busy being mamas, wives, caregivers, employees, and everything else that we are, that we forget to celebrate being a woman!

I know sometimes life gets busy, you feel your body isn’t “perfect,” your nerves tell you that you can’t do this, you don’t think you can look like the past clients we have shot, or you feel you need an excuse to do a shoot…I know it’s easy to get negative BUT go read some of our reviews here from our past clients who probably all felt the same way, but did it anyway and were glad they didn’t wait another minute!!

Happy birthday to Jessica, she’s the beauty at the top of this post today.  If you’d like to see more from her shoot, check them out here!! She is one of our awesome stories and one of our cheerleaders too!!



Double the fun!!

Here are a few more from recent couples sessions we did…I LOVE capturing the connection between people, from the laughs and smiles, to the sexy looks they have for one another…..and these peeps all rocked it!!! They all had to step out of their comfort zone and it was harder to do for the men than the women sometimes!!!  When it was all said and done, they all had such a fun time and have all said they would love to do it again. It is a great experience to have together and would make a great anniversary, engagement, or just make a new special occasion together!

Work life balance…

That’s a buzz phrase lately that people are always wanting to achieve. What does it really mean though?

I recently made some changes in my own life so that when I’m home, I am home and try to be present for my family. If I get an inquiry or a client asking something, I have no problem answering them. Now that I don’t feel like I’m working 24/7, I do feel more in control and not like I’m being controlled. If I’m busy doing something, I’ll kindly tell someone that I’ll get back to them when I’m at the studio, or, better yet….sometimes I turn my phone off!!! 😮Why is it so hard for us as women to tell people no, or to say, “I can’t right now…”? We are usually people pleasers and are afraid of making someone mad. We need to stop being that way. 

We need to take time for ourselves, let the kids and partner help with the chores, even if it’s not the way we do it. Leave the dishes and go read a magazine or watch a movie…what will it hurt? 

What is the point in life but to make the best of it. Be happy, and that starts with you doing something for you!! Take care of yourself first!!! Happy Thursday y’all!! 

One of our new favorite things…

We have been dying to try this for a long time!!!  We recently did a model call for couples so we could build our portfolio of that genre, if we liked doing them…we didn’t just “like” doing it, we LOVE it!!! It is cool to capture a couples passion for one another, but still keeping it rather tasteful!!  Here is a little teaser video we made to show off one of the couples we have done.  There is plenty more to see in studio, give us a call to come check out all of our new stuff!!  336-710-8567

Check out our Facebook page and our website as well!!

Hey, you…yes, you!!

Do you ever get tired of everyone else’s needs being met before your own?  Have you lost your identity as a woman instead of always just being mommy or wifey?  Would you love to be able to look at a photograph of yourself and have it transform how you feel and elevate your mood?  We can help!!

Being healthy and happy starts with your mentality and how you feel about yourself…there is a whole bunch of psychology in that statement that I won’t get into, but you view yourself how you tell yourself to.  While we make no guarantees about this experience and how it will improve your self esteem, you can just take a look at the reviews that some of our past clients have left for us.  Give us your tiny little seed of self confidence and we think we can help it to blossom into something more!!  Plus, it is one of the most fun experiences to have, and everyone needs a little more fun in their life!!

Give us a call today at 336-710-8567 to book your, no obligation, no sales pitchy, just hang out for 30 minutes with me, to let us help you see why you should do this now, not later, consultation!!



Staff spotlight…Taylor

This sweet little lady has been with us since last summer and has been a wonderful addition. She is a fabulous hair stylist and a great friend!!  We haven’t shot her very much…yet 🙂

Check out her page on Facebook. She also does my hair and does amazing with my red streaks I get and is very good at all the new color techniques. She works very close to the studio, which is good for scheduling purposes. Here are some questions I asked her, and her replies…thanks for sharing our vision in this business Taylor!!

What do you love most about working here?

I love to see the reaction of each woman as they leave after their shoot. I have never seen anyone leave unhappy.. they usually leave with a smile on their face and their confidence through the roof! 

How would you describe me (Christie)?

Christie is very good at what she does! She knows how to make any woman that comes through our door feel comfortable and confident.

Has anyone ever not liked their hair?

I mean I’m sure there are some I can’t please everyone (haha) but for the most part everyone is very pleased with their hair. Of course there are times when someone doesn’t like something about it but I always work on it until they love it! 

How long have you been a hair stylist?

4 years I graduated from Cosmetic Arts Academy in Hickory, NC 

Where do you see us in five years?

Just in the short time I’ve been working with Christie I have seen her business grow and expand. I’m sure with time we will have a large business with multiple locations. 

What is the one thing you wish every woman knew about doing a shoot with us?

I wish every woman knew that when they came in their nerves would quickly melt away and they would feel beautiful during their entire experience with us.



I am a thinker…too much probably, about everything, all. the. time.

I have been doing some self reflection recently and I feel like a butterfly stuck in my cocoon.  I am straining to break out of this life that I have, to emerge into something that is new and beautiful.  It is a constant battle really, to do the responsible adult thing and keep my world the way it is, or just say, “forget what everyone thinks I should do and live my life for me…”  In the end, I pick the safe play, the secure steady side that has been there for several years now, but I am starting to let go, little by little. Next year at this time, I will be in a different place.

I feel like we all need a swift kick in our ass to get us encouraged to get out of our comfort zone and to see ourself in a new light.  I haven’t had anyone to do that lately, so I am having to do it myself…and it’s scary and exciting, but the cocoon seems a little bit thinner of a membrane tonight. Just watch me fly 😀

Lots of things have been culminating for a while now to bring me to this change….I am ready.