crazy idea…

It saddens me to see what women go through to make themselves “beautiful”. Beauty is not make up, boobs, hair color, losing weight, main/pedis, or anything outward like that. It does come from within. I have met people, and I’m sure you can all agree, that at first glance they are nice looking and attractive…but after getting to know them, they become ugly just based on their spirit and attitude.  And vise versa…someone may not be as attractive to you when you meet, but then get to know them and they are beautiful to you. 

It truly is my desire to help women see themselves as the people who love them do. I have received some amazing stories during this contest and I just want every one of you that have taken the time to write me, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!  

Your spirits shine out from your words from your heart and THAT is what makes you that way. Not make up, boobs, hair color, losing weight, mani/pedis, or anything else, but you!!  Make up is fun though, and so is playing dress up, and it also can boost your self esteem and confidence, that’s why it’s nice to have that in the pictures, but I want to bring out that confidence so you can take it with you.  This experience can help you remember on sweat pants and pony tail days, you are a hottie!

Like I said before, I wish I could give everyone a shoot just to help them see, but I’m trying to run a business. Having said that, if you want to have this done so bad you can’t stand it, I want to hear from you…tell me what you can pay and what all you would expect from that amount. I’m not saying I will accept the offer, I do have bills to pay and overhead, but I may just surprise you and do it for what you offer. This is a limited offer that will last through the end of March.  Ladies that have entered the contest, go ahead and do this too so we can have a back up plan if you don’t win…

I look forward to hearing everyone’s responses, email me at or message me on Facebook!!

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