Playing dress up

Remember when you were a little girl, and you played dress up and you had that huge trunk full of dresses that were too big and tons of fake jewelry and gobs of play make up?  Me neither. I always wanted to do that and have all that stuff to pretend I was a princess, but I was usually outside catching frogs or playing in the dirt with matchbox cars. Now, I have become more girly and love to look and feel pretty. This experience of boudoir photography is exactly like playing dress up, only more fun!! 

You don’t have to get down to your skivvys to have this experience, maybe you just want some photographs of yourself just as you are in normal clothes and looking your best…we can do that too!  

Now is the time to book your session, they are going fast and availability is limited. Tell me what you can pay and we can see if we can make it happen. (Of course, there is a minimum that has to be met, but it’s really a good value anyway).  

More photos coming soon, stay tuned!!!!  

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