Remember those?

back when I was young, there was a place called Glaamour Shots…it was so popular, everyone was doing it. You’d get to look like a biker chick, a maid, a princess, or a bad butt leather jacket clad gal… Now, people look back at those and laugh, so I was trying to look at some and see why they are viewed bad now. It’s the hair…everyone had that teased to Heaven, jacked up, so much hairspray the ozone layer is still weeping, hair. 

Well…fast forward to 2015….we’ve come a long way since then. I loved the experience of having that done back then. Being made over and having my time of pampering and feeling all pretty. That part doesn’t make me cringe like I do looking at the photos does lol. Now, photography has evolved more, and we are learning some timeless ways to make photographs be something to treasure and not look back on one day and think, “what the crap was I doing in that shot…”  

It was fun, and I am glad I had mine done back then…I will never be 17 again and it was a part of the times, so it’s all good. Now I can look back and laugh at the hair, but still think, under all that hairspray I was a pretty young lady. Now, I look at my recent boudoir pictures and I think, I’m pretty ok for a 41 year old chick, and I love who I am now, way more than I did back at 17. Time is funny, trends come and go, people grow and change and how we feel about our self image is usually unhealthy. Time to make some changes and step out of that comfort zone!!  It will be fun, and you won’t regret it!

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