Random thoughts

all women are beautiful….unless they have a mean spirit…

Boudoir photos are not about sex and it is not porn…they are sexy for sure, but that’s not the ultimate goal. It’s about giving confidence and showing confidence. 

everyone has different views on what is sexy…I am in a boudoir photography group on line and men like the shots of women looking at the camera and engaged in the moment, women tend to like the anonymous shots and one of just just body parts. 

I love what I do!!!

Doing boudoir photography gives me a sense of purpose and it pleases me to take my talents and turn it into something tangible that gives women a good feeling about themselves…very rewarding!! 

Way random thing…I have carefully chosen my hair and make up people to be an extension of myself.  They help start the process of making my clients feel amazing and never being negative about other people. We don’t do gossip at Created Wonderfully! 

Every photographer has their own style and ways they prefer a photo to look. If a client wants something I don’t feel comfortable doing, I will, and have, referred them to other people. I won’t do a disservice to the client and shoot it anyway if I’m not engaged and excited about the theme. 

I have got to get busy, four shoots to do in three days!!!   Wooohooooo….I’m so excited for these ladies to do this experience!!!

Have a WONDERFULLY great day 🙂

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