This is my newest friend.  I have known her for years though, through a mutual friend.  There is a lot that can go into this story, but I will make it short and tell you that we have totally bonded through this experience…there was blood, sweat and tears that went into this shoot, but it was worth it LOL…not really, there was no blood.  When she sent me her review of her session there was lots of tears though…from me.  This is what she said… I was so nervous when I made my appointment. I hated myself in regular pictures, much less in lingerie. With kids, husband, work, and school, somewhere along the way I had forgotten I was more than just a mom, wife, employee, or student: I was a woman. So I reached way outside my comfort zone and let the kindest, most professional person I have ever met reintroduce me to myself. I am simply in love with the pictures and with myself again. I am proud of my beauty and my curves and can’t thank Christie enough for the amazing gifts she has given me: self esteem and confidence. She is precious and I am so thankful she trusted me to help her have this experience.  She is proud of her photos, and I feel she has every right to be, but most of all, she has the right to be proud of HERSELF and her new found confidence!!  Keep rocking it girlie 😀 This is before my MUA Kayla got a hold of her…. And these are from after…..

Ready to add this experience to your bucket list??  What are you waiting for?

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