Back flips for you

This last weekend was so fun!!  I had the pleasure of working with two different ladies. I am telling you, this is the most amazing “job” I have ever had. I really do feel it’s a calling for me and it is being blessed. It is a blessing for my clients who feel they have lost themselves in the day to day mix and want to be reminded of their beauty. It is a blessing for the make up artists I work with too, they share my goals of helping women have confidence and look and feel great about themselves. And the biggest blessing is for me, when women send me texts or messages saying how much this has changed their life and how they see themselves….that is just so touching to me. I have cried more happy tears in the last six months than I ever have in my whole life!!  When I decided last November to do this as my main photography genre, I never dreamed of the stories I would hear from some of my clients. We women are tough!!  There are lots of women who have been through so much in their lives, and still can put on such beautiful smiles and let themselves be happy with who they are. I love it!!!!  

When doing a shoot I try to show what pose I’m going for, and sometimes just to see if it’s physically possible like I’m wanting in my head. At one of my shoots this weekend, I was going to see if hanging backward off a straight back chair with her legs up in the air would work…it doesn’t lol. Before I knew I felt myself going on back and nothing to grab onto. Thank goodness there were soft bags of outfits to help break my fall but I still did a nice little backflip. My hair, which was already a mess, became a HOT mess then. I could tell my client was trying to not laugh at me, I guess she thought it embarrassed me…I just thought it was pretty funny and was mainly worried about the camera and lens…they were unscathed in the tumble, so all is well. The shoot went on and it was amazing!!  

Some new photos coming soon on the website as well as some new package options…check it out 

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