The future

I have been called a dreamer before in my life…and it was meant to be an insult. When I wanted to go to nursing school when I was 19-20 I was told, you’re never going to do that, you’re just a dreamer. All I have to say to that negative influence that’s no longer in my life is look at me now. Nursing is my first love and I’m still so blessed to do it as my career. 

Photography, specifically women’s photography, is my second love, and as I have mentioned before it ties into my’s all in making women healthy. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is a calling for me and I love it. 

I have wanted a studio for several years now, as most photographers tend to do. It’s easier to control the scene and not be at the mercy of the elements and you can always get the lighting you want. It is looking more and more like my dreaming again will become a reality (Lord willing) for me. It’s still in the works, but I’m praying and positive that things will work out. If not, it’s still all good and I’ll keep doing what I do where I’m at and where I can. 

I am very hopeful and already picking out colors for it :-). The future of Created Wonderfully is looking pretty bright!!

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