Why YOU need a boudoir photo shoot right now!!

*time flies when you’re having fun!!  We all know how fast we have reached the age we are at. Keep putting things off then it may be too late. I feel every woman deserves to have this oppurtunity to feel wonderful about her self even up to 99 years old…and then some!!  Celebrate the woman you are right now!!

*to remind yourself you are more than a mama, wife, employee, friend, daughter, caregiver, or any other role you play. This is a few hours to be just what you are…a beautiful woman, inside and out…we can help show you that. 

*milestones. There can be many in your life that you want to be able to look back on fondly. You can do a boudoir session for any number of reasons… I have some ladies who have done it to get a confidence boost (it works!!), some to showcase their bodies and reaching health goals they wanted to, and some who are confident in themselves and the way they are made and wanted to capture a moment in time for themselves! Whatever the milestone or reason you want to do it, just do it. 

*just for fun…these are the best, when a woman contacts me who is just wanting to do it because it will be fun and she wants to have some tasteful sexy pictures to show off to her man (or just to have for herself!) the shoot is fun and we all have such a great time. 

There’s a few reasons why you should do it too!! I totally understand being apprehensive and nervous and thinking, “I could never do that…”  Call me, I will help you see that yes, YOU can!! Check out my website here.


Christie Tate 🙂

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