I have been busy gearing up for the bridal expo coming up Saturday and working on interactveness (yes, I made that word up lol) for my booth. I’m going to be offering an awesome expo day deal so come out and see me there!! 

The studio is coming right along, we started painting last night and it’s amazing what paint can do to a space…I’m loving it so much!!  My goal is to be done and have an open house party on June 27th…I will update more when it’s closer to then. 

I’m still busy booking sessions too, July will be busy, but I have some spots open still.  I’ll be able to shoot more in the studio because I’m not going to be having to run my family off lol! I’m going to have an amazing make up room too and will be able to have a shoot going while another lady is getting made over, so that’s cool too. 

Life is good and busy, but that means I’m living it!!  Hope you all have a blessed day!!!

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