Ch ch ch changes

So many have happened in my life lately, and I love being busy…it means I’m living my life, and not just sitting on the side lines watching!  I get a weird sense of fulfillment when my planner has something written on it everyday and being able to check them off my list as they are completed.  This week has a couple of gaps, but only because I’m not writing the word “packing” on it….that’s not a fun task for me and I know I have to do it before Friday. We are going on a little vacation and will return next Wednesday. When I return, there will be some big changes around here….as if opening a studio wasn’t change enough lol!! 

 I’m looking forward to being busy everyday when I return, but I’m also very excited about my down time coming up. The past five weeks have been crazy, but very rewarding.  As you can figure, I won’t be answering messages or emails during that time. 

All of you beautiful people have a wonderful day, and be thinking about when you want to have this experience for yourself…I know the changes that are coming will definitely make you want to do it sooner rather than later!!

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