Thank you!

I’d like to take just a minute and thank some of my most recent clients, they know who they are…

I am very much indebted to your willingness to let me use your photographs for examples. A lot of women aren’t that brave, and I appreciate what goes into giving that permission. You have all been a blessing to me and I am so grateful to have worked with you and see your confidence rise in yourselves, it’s the best thing about this for me! 

I also want to thank the ladies who don’t let me use your photos, I understand the reasons and I don’t blame you. I have worked with teachers, nurses, waitresses, and preachers wives, so they’d rather not have those type images out there for everyone to see. They still were amazing to work with and I just absolutely love what I do! 

I want to be a distinguished photographer, not just one trying to shoot as much as I can. I want to produce quality photographers that women will TREASURE for a lifetime…

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day! 

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