Pushing ourselves

I am thinking about doing a video…YIKES, I hate being on video, I sound like a total hick lol, but I am trying to break out of my comfort zone a bit.  I know for most women it is a challenge to come have boudoir photos done and gets them out of theirs too, so I want to continually push myself as well.  Anyway, the video is going to be telling about the process of the shoot and how to prepare and what to wear, also show the studio and what the entire process of the shoot consists of.  I am not sure when I am going to get the courage up to do it, but I am putting out here publicly to make me do it…so it will be soon 🙂

Speaking of pushing their limits…I am planning on doing a shoot in the spring for a beautiful 60 year old woman…I CANNOT WAIT!!  I know she will do so great and have some elegant, tasteful, feminine photographs when she is done and her family will have memories to last a lifetime!

I have been working with some fantastic ladies recently and I am excited to be able to show some after Valentines Day passes and gifts have been given!

I am working on my galleries as well, you can find those here, the ones that require a password, just shoot me a message or email and I will give that to you.

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday and if you are thinking of having this done soon, send me your email and I will get you some info out, spots are going fast and they are limited.

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