This gorgeous lady was one of my biggest fans and cheerleaders from the first day she found my Facebook page and I was advertising for free breast cancer survivors, she has had several people in her life who have gone through treatment and are still with us today.  She wanted to do a shoot for her girlfriend of eight years, for Valentine’s Day.  She was nervous the day of the shoot, as most women are, but we had gotten to be friends already before the shoot, so the nerves went away fast and we got some amazing pictures!!  She is now still someone I am honored to call a friend and I look forward to working with her again real soon 🙂

Here are just a few, if you’d like to see the entire gallery, email us at or hit us up on our Facebook page for the link to it.  Thanks for looking, and Anna, thank you again for being you!!!



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  1. I am absolutely in awe! And as her girlfriend of 8 years I can honestly say I am still honored that this gorgeous, strong, and amazing woman allows me to stand beside her everyday! Thank you so very much for making BOTH of our Valentine’s Day special!

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