The process

I guess it comes from me being a nurse, but I try to make things easy for people and anticipate what they are going to need.  I have really tried to streamline my process to make this as easy and fun as possible.  I get lots of questions about what all is involved (and I am still going to make a video soon so people can have a visual, but it’s been too cold and I have been too busy lol) so here is a little list with some helpful answers for some of the more common questions we get…

Once you decide you want to do it, contact us and give us your email. We will send you some info about what all you get with the shoot price of $59 and also a product price list, so you know from the get go what you can do with your photos.  Then, we ask that you give us a few days and times that work for you and we coordinate with our hair and make up team to see which days works best for them. Once we all agree on a date and time, we send out an invoice for the $59 to confirm your spot, and also an email with an awesome newly designed lingerie guide which helps answer a lot of questions about “what do I wear”.  I also give you my phone number (which is floating around everywhere anyway, so if you ever have questions you can shoot me a text or call me anyway) and you call me at your convenience to discuss in detail how you want your shoot styled.

Once that is all in place you show up to the studio on the arranged appointment time rockin’ and ready, and we get busy and have some fun doing some pictures!  When it’s over (everyone is sad) we will set up another time for you to come back in to view the photos, generally it’s about 2-3 weeks later. You’ll come back to the studio for about an hour for your reveal party to see your gorgeous images and we will figure out which ones you want.  There are usually 50+ color images for you to choose from.  If you purchase all the digitals they will also be converted to black and white, if desired. You will also get your swag bag that has been designed exclusively for Created Wonderfully and I love them, and hope you will too!  During the reveal, there are no high pressure sales tactics, you are under no obligation to buy anything if you don’t like them.

That’s the basic run down of what happens once you say, okay, I AM GOING TO DO THIS….now, what do I do?  And here is some more general information, if you still have more questions…we are ready to hear from you and help you check this off of your bucket list!!!

Christie 🙂

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