Not a job

This business is not my “full time” job, but it keeps me busy.  I am usually up by 6 am everyday, editing, marketing, blogging, scheduling, replying, and constantly thinking of ways to help it grow.  Then up until late doing the same thing.  Even though it isn’t my bread and butter, I love it and if I ever won the lottery, I would do it for free!

I am truly humbled by the women who trust me, ME, to give them this experience and appreciate what I do for them.  If you scroll through this blog you will see just a small number of the clients who I have had in front of my camera.  I am so appreciative to everyone who has supported me!!  There is a bond that comes from doing this with a lady, we become friends, it truly is “intimate” portraiture!

My team is amazing, my assistant, who helps with booking/scheduling (deserves a medal!!), my hair stylist, and my make up artists, are all carefully selected to give you the best experience possible.  We all truly love what we do!

Pricing guidegeneral information, and preshoot tips. Please feel free to contact us at, we look forward to hearing from you!!

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