New friends

Back story…At the beginning of the year I saw a beautiful new wedding venue come across my Facebook feed called The Farmhouse Siloam, I messaged them and told them I’d like to come out and see what they had going on to be able to possibly use it for bridal photos.  I met Kelleigh, she and her mom Dee have really worked their hind ends off and have made this old house even more beautiful than it already was.  Kelleigh quickly became one of my favorite people, she is so authentic and so committed to local business!  She was talking about her friends Shannon and Angie, at Sweet Paws Home Goods that made the candles and vinyls she had around there, it smelled so good in there!  So I met them, and Shannon and Angie volunteered to come to my studio one afternoon and helped me hang curtains and pictures up in my office, and they make my swag bags which have been a huge hit with my clients.  So now we have a business relationship, they are a part of my team, but even better I have three new friends!!

Current story…We were supposed to have done this shoot a couple of weeks ago, but Angie had gotten called away for work. She contacted me and said she wanted to make it up to Shannon for having to work, so we booked it again without Shannon’s knowledge to surprise her.  They wanted to do them at The Farmhouse Siloam, so that’s what we did.  We had so many laughs in that hour, I think that is the most fun I have had doing a shoot in a long time, and of course we had to throw Kelleigh into a few of the pictures too!!  Thanks so much to all three of these wonderful people!!  I am so glad our paths crossed!

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