TGIF!!  Of course, when you work weekends too, that doesn’t really mean a lot, but I am happy about it anyway 🙂

Don’t forget the drawing for the massage that is still going until the end of June, you get one entry for booking a shoot, each $100 you buy in product, making a referral, and also for writing a review.

The client appreciation that we are doing June 4 is going to be awesome!!  There will be food (amazing food!!), door prizes, special booking incentives, make up tips, and a few other surprises as well…you don’t want to miss it!!  I am soooooo thankful for all of my clients so I just want to show it a little bit!!

I also want to mention, none of your photos will ever be shown to anyone unless you sign a model release form at the end of your reveal session.  Don’t worry, I understand ladies not choosing to sign it, doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit lol!

Have a great day and super weekend, spend some time on you and enjoy it, you deserve it!


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