My HOT mama!!

This lady right here is a trooper.

She has been such an example to me in my life (even though I have not followed in her footsteps).  She married my dad when they were 18 years old two weeks after they had graduated, they had dated for four years.  Nine months later, guess who came along?  MEEEEEE 🙂  The best day of her life, lol, jk Ma.  Anyway, they have been happily married for almost 43 years now.  I know I drove her crazy when I was a child, I didn’t listen to her, but daddy could come home from work and just look at me and I snapped to attention.  Through my teenage years we butted heads very often, she was battling endometriosis and felt bad a lot and I was, of course, a teenage girl who knew everything.  As I got older we got closer and I am  very grateful, but I still probably drive her crazy…

When my son was born, she quit her job to be able to spend more time with him, then when I started nursing school she kept him for three years and would never take a cent for it.  It was such a peace knowing he was being cared for like that, and helped me to be able to pursue one of my dreams of being a nurse.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to endure two lumpectomies within a month of each other in the same spot since they didn’t get it all the first time, then 16 radiation treatments which burnt her pretty bad.  Now, she still takes the medications that are supposed to lower her risk of getting cancer again and it has many side effects that are not fun for her either.

I have hurt her many times in my life, and I am sure I have disappointed her many many times, but she still loves me unconditionally.  She truly has a mother’s love for me. There are many people who love her and get a laugh everyday from some of her silly posts she makes.  She loves to make people happy and has such a boisterous personality.  As many people who love her and are blessed to know her, I am the most fortunate to get to call her my mama. She supports me in everything that I do!!

Boudoir has a stigma attached to it sometimes, as you can see, there is nothing “dirty” about these, she embraced her femininity.  You see more skin when you go out in public usually, or on Facebook lol!!   I hope this will inspire many other women to take the time to do this, I am so glad my mama did it and I will have these forever.  She did fantastic for her shoot and she and daddy are very happy with them!  I love you very much, Mama!!

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