It is a great need of mine, to have a purpose. I don’t want to think I am just here on this Earth for a little while and not make a difference in someway to some people. I know I won’t change the entire world, but I can change someone’s entire world by them seeing themselves in a new, more positive, way. 

I love when clients contact me and say they have never done anything like having a boudoir shoot, good, they won’t know if I am doing something totally wrong lol!! All kidding aside though, most of my clients are just real women, all who have some type of body issue and are not models, and most are scared to death at first. That doesn’t last long at all! It is such a fun experience, most women want to do it again at some point in their life. 

Be scared, try something out of your comfort zone, get to be one of my clients who say, “I didn’t realize I looked that beautiful…”  What are you waiting for?

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