Thanks to all the memories Facebook has brought up this week, I am sitting here thinking back over this past year and everything that has happened. Wow, what a whirlwind! I remember signing that lease and being scared to death that it would be a major flop. I didn’t feel worthy enough to have such an awesome thing. I wasn’t worth all the effort people put into helping me. I was so undeserving…do you see a pattern here? I beat myself up so much for having something good happen to me, thanks a lot subconscious. So many events then transpired in my life that became a perfect storm (not in a good way though) and ultimately, almost cost me everything-my sanity, my marriage, myself. It was a dark time and it’s still not always easy, but I am in a better place now. I have healed so much and I hope I have helped others to heal. We all have issues, we all have dark sides, we all are just doing the very best we can to get by. 

So, I consider this past year a success, I signed the lease for another year, I’m having a party next Saturday, I have paid for advertising, the lights have stayed on at the studio, and I am still here, trucking right along, staying busy and clients are still contacting me. I am eternally grateful to the people of the past year-mentors, clients, friends, and family, thank you for helping me to grow, and to help me continue to grow and heal and help others, and to be able to do this thing called photography, that I still am no where close to where I want to be with my work, but I’m a pretty good distance away from where I was. I am very thankful! 

Love each other, don’t put other people down, and find yourself…you’ll never regret that!! 

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