This business…

I have been thinking lately about the business of photography. When I got into it over ten years ago, I didn’t know anything about aperture, ISO, shutter speed, lighting, posing, or anything other than auto mode on my camera. Over the years I’d tell people I dabbled in photography, I didn’t call myself a photographer, it stills seems weird for me to actually. 

Then about three years ago, I dove into it and decided I wanted to elevate my work and my skills and I started studying it and learning what all the technical terms meant and how to use them in practice. It paid off for me to learn it, and to still continually learn. I’ll never be where I think I have arrived, but looking at some of my first work, I have come a long way.  I shoot raw in manual mode, with professional equipment, as well as edit with professional software that I pay for every month…does that make me a better photographer? Absolutely not! 

I know there are tons of photographers out there and more and more emerging everyday, but I don’t see them as competition. I don’t mean that to be snarky by any means….I have my style and they have theirs, their clients like their work and mine like mine. It’s that simple. Anyone who ever wants to work with me, I am more than happy to teach anything I know, which still isn’t a ton lol!!

Am I going to say it doesn’t make my heart drop just a little bit when I see other photographers charging $50 for boudoir with all the edited images, nope it does, but also makes me wonder just how much time they have spent studying posing women and if in the end it’s even worth $50. So I then remind myself of my mission and who my clients are. 

If someone is wanting to find the cheapest photographer for their wedding or boudoir (or any type really), then who am I to tell them it’s a bad idea, to each their own. I’d rather have the client that comes to me because they have heard about how much fun they have with us and the experience, or have seen my work and love it, or someone who can appreciate a good photograph instead of all the props in the picture, or don’t realize if it’s out of focus or over edited…

Price shouldn’t be the only thing focused on, even though I feel I am very reasonable for the quality of work you get. I also am very flexible with payment plans too, because I want to show women a new way to see themselves and feel every woman should do this!

My photography business is going great, it’s a lot more than just taking pictures though…that’s not even a drop in the bucket compared to all the other things that go into. I am still always evolving and learning it though as well, and I don’t plan on ever quitting that. Self enrichment is a goal for me. 

I appreciate all of the other photographers out there, it’s a tough business and most of us are not nice to newbies, almost worse than nurses eating their young. I don’t want to be seen as the snarky one though, I just know how hard I have worked to get where I am and why I feel the way I do, and I just wanted to express it.  I want to help elevate anyone who wants to. 

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a safe weekend!!! 

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