Laying it out there

Yes, this is my business blog, but yes, I’m human and feel that translates with the women I want, and seem to get, as my clients. They like that I am real, and when I hear from them about how they read everything I write, it helps me too, that it can help other people see things about themselves. 

I have been in a dark place for about a week. Depression sucks, but even more so when you have guilt and shame from past decisions that you’ve made that are still affecting your life and relationships, it has not been a pleasant time. Three visits to counseling within a week, later…I’m starting to feel like me. The real me, not the one who pretends everything is hunky dory, then has to fight with everything in her to not cry when she talks, and still doesn’t succeed. The one who really loves life and wants to be successful in helping other people. The real me who is still just doing the best I can to get by. 

Memories suck, emotions suck, and the way I get mad at myself over the feelings I have, sucks too….but life is good and it does go on and I’m going to get through this crap. I have a few friends who I have learned truly love me, for me. I don’t have to do anything to make them like me and want to be around me, they even know some not nice things about me, and STILL love me lol!! 

Everyone has made mistakes, we all have secrets and some of the bad things that we have done may not even be secrets, but it’s good to find friends who pick you up and can relate to you and help you muddle through it all. 

If you’re reading this and it strikes something within you, you’re not uniquely flawed, you are something special. Even if you have done bad things, it does not mean you’re a bad person, let go of the self hate, it will cause you to make even more bad decisions. I hope this helps at least one person…if it’s you, I’d love to hear from you…

Much love!


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