Why every bride needs to do boudoir…

So you have gotten engaged…maybe he got down on one knee, at a crowded place and an unsuspecting time, and popped the question- or maybe he wasn’t brave enough to do that and did it in a quite conversation with just the two of you…however he did it, it took a lot for him to do it, and it was a very big deal for him!!

Now, the wedding planning begins!! Fun, right?  Haha, maybe some of it, but it is stressful.  Most men will bow out during this process and let the brides (and their friends and family) take over the details. Sure, most of them will give input when asked, but generally the women folks handle everything from the flowers, attire, venue, down to the decorations.

Then, the day of the wedding comes, he is about to stand up in front of everyone he knows (and maybe some he doesn’t know) and profess his undying devotion to you.  You have been busy planning and distracted by details getting ready for this day…it would be such a nice gesture to give him a token of how much he means to you, and that you didn’t forget he is the reason this day is happening for you.

A boudoir album gifted to the groom on the day of the wedding is such a special keepsake…as a photographer, I have had the honor of doing the boudoir shoot and designing the album, then to be the one to pull the groom aside to capture the moment of him seeing this unique gift.  It was emotional and touching, to say the least!!  I feel it meant a lot that his bride had taken the time out of the business of wedding planning, to do something like that for him.  He will have that album now to look back on at their 50th anniversary and still feel that emotion of his bride that day, that had chosen to focus on her groom.

Give us a call and let us help you gift your groom with this timeless keepsake!!


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