Finally Friday 

Hello friends!

This has been a loooooong week! I went on my vacation by myself this past weekend, I highly recommend every woman do this at least once (I’ll be doing it again possibly yearly lol). It was weird to be alone at first, but I quickly got over the weirdness and embraced my time to reflect on everything. It was fantastic!! I came back to my family with a fresh mind, let go of some things in the past that had been distracting me, and made a renewed commitment to myself and my family. 

I am mentally preparing for a busy remainder of the year, which is how I like it to be. Now, I am also physically preparing, I have a personal trainer and I am wanting to get back to the place I was when I met my husband six years ago. That’s about 40 pounds less, a whole lot tougher, and was in great shape as far as fitness goes. I am confident in myself now, but was so much more HEALTHY then and that’s my goal. (If this new guy doesn’t kill me first lol). 

School is starting back soon and this summer has whizzed by so fast it was unreal. I have a rising sophomore and that hurts my feelings, but I’m better than I was last year at this time when he was starting high school. The heart aches of being a parent…

Even as busy as I am going to be, I have openings I’d like to fill. There is something so empowering about doing something you’re afraid of and that’s new. When you get done though, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated, like taking a vacation by yourself :). 

Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you!! 

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