Love story…

I shot a wedding on June 10 with one of the coolest couples…they just seem to have a love very unique, so I asked her to give me their story…she did not disappoint.  I loved it and I know you will too…

2014 – I could never get a relationship to last more than 6 months or more since my ex-fiancé left me in 2000. I had been on dating sites off and on for almost a decade. I had given up on the idea of ever having a family in the traditional sense and decided to have many adventures with my friends partying, camping, traveling and living life to the fullest as a self sufficient, independent, professional woman. I still dated men but never really had a commitment or unconditional love, much less a man to even utter the words “I love you”.
Daniel had recently become a widower in January of 2014. His marriage of twenty years ended abruptly when his love, lost her battle to breast cancer. After 6 months of grieving and solitude, Daniel craved the touch of a woman and just began using dating sites to see what was available.
Daniel reached out and we soon exchanged numbers. We had an afternoon date set up to walk the Cape Fear River Trail on a Sunday afternoon. The Friday night prior, my plans changed and I ended up having dinner with my dad at The Doghouse Bar and Grill. After dinner I asked Daniel if he was available to meet that night, he jumped at the chance and came to meet me even though my dad was also there. We had such a great time we continued at another bar. He then met me after work on Saturday night and we still kept our afternoon hiking date.
We became inseparable. He spent almost every night at my house. One night Daniel sat up in bed and he told me he loved me. In my jaded mind, it hadn’t been nearly long enough so I snapped back, “I don’t believe you.” Secretly I loved hearing it, but so many guys had once been into me and easily left that I didn’t think it was possible.
We took a motorcycle riding course together in September of 2014. He began helping me train for my half marathon. Running with me 5 days a week. He even ran up a mountain to the blue-ridge parkway with me as we celebrated my birthday in November. This is when I learned he did not want any more children, Daniel felt that he was too old to raise another child and would not be a positive influence, due to his past. I again gave up on having any children of my own as long as I dated Daniel. None of my relationships lasted long anyways so I was enjoying his company and I decided to stay with him and let this relationship run its course. We took a trip to Disney World where I ran my ½ marathon in February of 2015.
When I found out I was pregnant, I cried all day because I knew this was the end our relationship. Daniel was initially fearful of this new situation and refused to be a part of our son’s life. Even though I could tell Daniel was distant, he was at our sons birth and was the best birthing supporter I could have asked for. He stayed with me and did support me all throughout my maternity leave.
I could feel things slipping away as the Holidays neared. His mother’s health was declining and he rushed home to Illinois to be by her side. I feared I’d never see him again. He never introduced me to his family yet so I felt he never intended for me to be a part of his.
On Christmas Eve in 2015 Daniel and I had the longest heart to heart into the wee hours of the morning. We learned quite a bit about the other in such a short amount of time. My head was swimming with disbelief yet joy at the same time. By noon the next day, Finn and I had One Way tickets to Illinois to meet Daniel’s family! I was thrilled to no end. I don’t think I slept until I was in his arms.
After meeting his family we attended a new years party at his brother’s home to bring in 2016. As I leaned down to take a sip of my beer, Daniel whispered in my ear “Happy New Years, would you please be a part of every one of my New Years for the rest of my life?”
Daniel and I drive back to North Carolina and settled in together. We finally decided to tie the knot on the 2 year anniversary of our first date, which also happened to be the summer solstice! We are both ecstatic and couldn’t be happier to be a permanent fixture for each other. So many plans and adventures yet to explore!
Thanks so much for sharing this LaNae and Daniel, I wish you many many more wonderful adventures together as well!! I also want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of that gorgeous day…I’ll never hear “At Last” ever again without thinking of you 🙂
The wedding took place at The Farmhouse Siloam, a big shout out to Kelleigh and Dee for being amazing that day as well!

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