How in the world…

What the heck? September, already? 

Anyway, we are booked almost completely up this month, unless anyone could do an evening through the week. Next month too, actually…that’s a good thing for me, but if you’re wanting to do this as a gift then you may want to get in touch with us soon!!

A lot of people have messaged wanting to do this and be able to give as a gift a couple of weeks after the shoot…usually that can’t happen…plan ahead, I recommend at least six weeks before and that’s without having to utilize a payment plan. We will be putting the Christmas decorations up at the end of this month actually, that will help you to be able to plan better too! 

We are going to be at The Barn at Heritage Farm this Saturday for their wedding expo, come out and see us there!! 

I hope you all have an awesome day!!  

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