More randomness

I hope you all had a nice long weekend! We had a fabulous time at the expo Saturday and met some great vendors and brides to be!!

I just wanted to bring some things to everyone’s attention today…

Second location possibly coming soon….I’m looking into expanding into High Point as well, there’s a gorgeous studio there that I’d love to use, let me know if you’d be interested in shooting with me there. 

Couples shoots…we do those! What an awesome way to capture your passion and intimacy with your love, there’s a contract to sign and it won’t be porn, so don’t get it twisted lol!! 

Fall family shoots have almost all filled up, please note that if you are wanting to book one there will now be a non refundable retainer fee of $50 due at the time of booking. This will hopefully help eliminate last minute cancelations for a spot that someone else could have filled. This business stuff is tough sometimes lol!! 

Everyone have a terrific week!! 

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