Scars, transformations, and beauty

This video is dedicated to all women who are battling breast cancer, that is something that is close to my heart, since my mama is also a survivor…but it’s also dedicated to all the other women who are just battling life too…let’s all stick together!!

Scars…most everyone has them. Some are from accidents or scrapes, like the one I have on my knee from falling on the sidewalk when I was a kid. Some are from the result of the medical field and precision instruments that cut into your flesh. It’s miraculous to me that we heal, you can cut out a chunk of skin and tissue, and it will seal itself back up and usually it won’t hurt once it’s healed and it’s tougher than regular skin then. Pretty cool actually.

Then there are the scars people have that you can’t see. Child abuse, sexual molestation, verbal abuse, low self esteem caused from hundreds of different things, and bad relationships…those scars are not as healed as physical ones. They usually grow and fester and get infected mentally. The ones you can’t see can leave a lasting effect on a person for their whole lifetime. Someone’s whole psyche can be affected from words and actions of other people.

Think about how you see your friends in your life….they are beautiful to you, inside and out. That’s what I want to do to help women…I want them to catch just a glimpse of how they look to other people that love them.

When people see this story, I feel like no one is going to see any flaws with her (if the DO see flaws, then they’re assholes who don’t deserve to know her anyway)…they’re going to say, wow, look at that beautiful strong woman who is going through a battle, but still is such an amazing person!! Her hair will grow back, her scars will fade, but she is forever made stronger because of her struggle.

The point is though, and not to diminish her fight by any means, we ALL have things we battle, it just may not always be as evident as Stacey’s. That was one of the things she said when we were collaboration about this video in the beginning. We all have scars. I loved her honesty, rawness, and her willingness to share her story to help empower all women, we are all beautiful and we all have done some amazing things even dealing with battles.

This business is so much more than “just pictures” to me. My team and I are passionate about giving you an empowering experience and to have art featuring yourself. For days (or like me, weeks) when you have on yoga pants and a pony tail, you can look at your images and know that you still got it going on, even though you may not be decked out everyday, you’re the same beautiful human being!

My clients are real women, with real bodies and they aren’t doing this to seek attention or to get noticed, they are doing this because they love themselves and accept their bodies just as they should. We have been so bombarded with unrealistic body types in the media.

For the people who don’t approve of this or just feel these women are needing something…screw you!! I’m proud of these women to having the balls to love themselves and to show the world that they do, my clients are my heroes!!! Do your thing and forget what everyone negative thinks. You are the only one who can live your life!!


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  1. Stacey I can’t say enough how I admire you and all your courage . You fought the fight and girl you won . We are cancer kicking butt sisters , you are beautiful inside and out . Today I celebrate you !!! and all the women fighting this frightful disease today and in the past . I love you girl . Butter

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