Ahhhh this was so much fun!!!  I love this girls’ spirit and colorfulness (pun intended lol) and she gives one heck of a massage as well!!!  She helped me figure out my goddess name for a friends party that I went to recently. When I asked Tina who I should go as, since I knew nothing about that stuff, it was the first one she thought of and her name is Flaunta…read about her here and see if you think this goddess is a representation of me (get to the bottom of the article). It was really cool to learn about this and I kind of had a ball with all of this stuff!!

Tina is a massage therapist in Pilot Mountain and she did this shoot for a gift for her husband, who I met at an expo earlier this year as well.  He didn’t know that she was already on my books, and he came to me and told me what I did for women was a great thing…that really means a lot to me and you can just tell Don and Tina adore one another. She has overcome some health issues and has made herself into a successful business lady. Anyway, check out her skills sometime and tell her I sent you, and also tell her how beautiful she is, we all can stand to hear that a little more!!  Here is her Facebook page.

Enjoy the magic!!


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  1. Looking forward to meeting your staff and getting pictures made one day soon. I’m sure I will be one of your most satisfied customers. Your work truly is remarkable! Keep it up!

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