Hey everyone! I just felt compelled to write a few things this morning to you that read this blog and follow my work. I am just so blessed to be able to do what I do in my photography, it is my second full time job and I just love it even more after every shoot.  It is so fulfilling to me to watch scared ladies, who have almost backed out of doing their shoot, come in and rock it and to see, right before my eyes, their transformation.  It is really cool!!

I know there are other photographers out there, even now in this area, who are taking on boudoir, and that’s cool.  Everyone has a different style and if you are thinking about having boudoir taken, I hope you find the one who fits what you are looking for.  I just want to say to my past and present clients, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, my team really does appreciate you and we love to meet new ladies and share this with them.

There are some changes coming in 2017, as it is approaching us at warp speed…I am very excited to be able to grow my business in such a way that my dreams are now not just dreams, but goals.  Life is so short and I am wanting to live it wide open!!

Stay tuned for all of the things we have that will be taking place, you can follow this blog to receive updates in your email, in case Facebook doesn’t let you see my posts as often as you may have used to.  Thank you again to everyone who supports me!!!



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