Motivation, accountability, friendship, and FUN

Background information…I was 50 lbs lighter when I met my husband six and half years ago. I felt fantastic and healthy. I had worked my hind end off doing martial arts and eating until I wasn’t hungry anymore, not stuffed. Fast forward to now…it’s not about the number on a scale, it is how I feel…which is, most days, like dirt. I realize I’m not a spring chicken, but I’m much too young to feel this dang old lol!! I hurt every day and get winded from walking 50 feet at a brisk pace. I have made goals for myself and I realize I need motivation to stay on track. It’s easy to fall off, as I’m sure you all can relate to. 

I have about a thousand thoughts going through my head, but wanting to just give the pertinent information to get some ladies excited about this with me. 

I’m going to have a “Your best self” group. It’s going to be an every other week meeting, don’t worry, no scales involved, to meet up with other likeminded  women who want to be healthier…body, mind, and spirit!! This will be a free group, but I’m offering some additional motivation to those that want to take advantage of it, it’s a heck of a deal…for $50 a month you will have access to all classes and events I do (which I have soooooo many cool things in mind to help with physical, emotional, stress reduction, girl time, all kinds of stuff!!!) then in ten months (which will be in October) you’ll get to have a boudoir shoot to celebrate your accomplishments…it will be completely paid for, you’d get the entire experience and all the edited digitals, as well as a layflat album…what better way to stay focused on goals to have a date set to be your best self!! 

As an added incentive the ladies who sign up before the end of January will get a complimentary calendar after their shoot of themselves that would make a fabulous Christmas gift for your sweetheart (or you!) next year!  If anyone signs up later the fee will be prorated for the length of time remaining until October.

I don’t know about you but if I’m inversting money into something too, it keeps me on track better lol! 

There will be a walking group as well, five days a week, three times at 5am and twice at 5:30pm that will meet at the studio off of Main Street, special speakers for different topics, and you’ll meet other ladies with the same mindset. Come join our drama free, non judgmental, ladies who want to learn to make the most of their body, mind, and spirit, and be held accountable in a non threatening way. 

Text for more information! 336-710-8567

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