New things

We are excited to be offering some new things for the new year!! 

Couples sessions can now be scheduled at the same price as a regular session, they just have to be approved before and there is a separate contract involved. What better way to capture your passion for one another, but in a tasteful, artistic way? 

Paid in full sessions-these are one price packages that you pay a certain price for each month for a determined length of time so that it’s paid in full before the shoot ever happens, send an email if you are interested in learning more! 

And lastly, we are now offering monthly specials! January’s special is book this month for a shoot in February and get a bonus $150 off of package pricing!! My pricing is always available to see on my website here

We will also be offering lingerie classes regularly to help you chose your wardrobe for your experience. We love when people plan these shoots out for several months, builds the anticipation as well as let’s us work with you more to make it the best it can be!! 

Our group Your Best Self is going strong and I’m excited about our first meeting next Sunday afternoon!! Lots of plans for that too! Ask to join today! 

We are so thankful to have had a successful 2016 and still be trucking right along into this new year now!! We are looking so forward to meeting lots of new people!! 

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