I see it a lot, but even more acutely Saturday night. I had finished up a long day of shooting nine gorgeous ladies and had only been home a couple of hours. My mother in law called us about ten o’clock that night telling us something was wrong with my brother in law. She said it was something to do with his throat. When we got to the local hospital, AirCare was waiting and running on the helipad. I told my husband that may be for his brother.

Sure enough, we got in and they were frantically working to save his life. They got him stabilized and flew him down the road to the big medical center. He was diagnosed with epiglotitis which is very rare in adults, and more than likely stemmed from infection. He’d been sick for a few days. 

He is now doing better and was finally moved out of ICU. He will have a long road of recovery ahead of him, but we are thankful he’s still here with us. It just goes to show, life is short and it can be taken away in a heartbeat. Live while you’re living…thanks for all of the prayers and good thoughts. 

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