I am a thinker…too much probably, about everything, all. the. time.

I have been doing some self reflection recently and I feel like a butterfly stuck in my cocoon.  I am straining to break out of this life that I have, to emerge into something that is new and beautiful.  It is a constant battle really, to do the responsible adult thing and keep my world the way it is, or just say, “forget what everyone thinks I should do and live my life for me…”  In the end, I pick the safe play, the secure steady side that has been there for several years now, but I am starting to let go, little by little. Next year at this time, I will be in a different place.

I feel like we all need a swift kick in our ass to get us encouraged to get out of our comfort zone and to see ourself in a new light.  I haven’t had anyone to do that lately, so I am having to do it myself…and it’s scary and exciting, but the cocoon seems a little bit thinner of a membrane tonight. Just watch me fly 😀

Lots of things have been culminating for a while now to bring me to this change….I am ready.

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