Work life balance…

That’s a buzz phrase lately that people are always wanting to achieve. What does it really mean though?

I recently made some changes in my own life so that when I’m home, I am home and try to be present for my family. If I get an inquiry or a client asking something, I have no problem answering them. Now that I don’t feel like I’m working 24/7, I do feel more in control and not like I’m being controlled. If I’m busy doing something, I’ll kindly tell someone that I’ll get back to them when I’m at the studio, or, better yet….sometimes I turn my phone off!!! 😮Why is it so hard for us as women to tell people no, or to say, “I can’t right now…”? We are usually people pleasers and are afraid of making someone mad. We need to stop being that way. 

We need to take time for ourselves, let the kids and partner help with the chores, even if it’s not the way we do it. Leave the dishes and go read a magazine or watch a movie…what will it hurt? 

What is the point in life but to make the best of it. Be happy, and that starts with you doing something for you!! Take care of yourself first!!! Happy Thursday y’all!! 

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