Watch me…

I have become a go getter…I don’t just sit back and wish for things to be different, I make things happen, whether or not someone doesn’t like what I’m doing, that’s none of my business and not something I worry too much about. 

I love what I do and how I help empower women to embrace themselves and love themselves. I want to help them be happy and healthy, in all aspects of their life…emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and physically. Women are complex beings that most men will tell you, they don’t understand. We truly are. 

Also, as women, we lose ourselves to everything else we have going on in our lives, kids, significant others, jobs, household chores, and the million other things we have going on. I try to teach the women friends I have in my life, you have to care about yourself and make time for you to do something you want to. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. When you’re happier, everyone in your home will be happier too. 

One day about a year ago, I had brought up this idea of opening a lingerie shop. My husband, in jest, told me I couldn’t do everything. Little did he know (well, he probably did know haha!!) I sure will try lol!! I told him that day, “watch me…”. 

I am still going to be a hospice nurse, and I’m still going to be a photographer, and now I’m going to be running a little lingerie boutique from out of my new photography studio. Yes, it’s a lot on my plate, but I have some pretty solid plans and goals to meet. 

My husband also told me recently that I worked circles around him, if you know my husband, you know that’s not possible. We are a hard working couple though and I’m so proud of him and his own business he has going now. We are blessed!! 

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