Real talk y’all

Those who truly know me, know I am pretty transparent and open about most anything you ask me. Those people also know how much I despise people who step on other people to get where they are going. I stay in my lane and don’t see other photographers as “competition” because I am only out to better myself and not look at what everyone else is doing. I’m not a follower by any means. Having said that, lately I have had several attempts from fake profiles trying to gain access into my closed private boudoir group. I guess whoever is doing this thinks I don’t have any sense…oh so you’re brand new to Facebook and have zero friends, but you’re just dying to be in my group…lol, seriously?? Anyway, this is my public way of saying to anyone who may want to know more about what I do, my business model, my posing, and any other thing you are dying to know about me and what I do…ask me!! It’s really just that simple and if I feel you need to know, I’ll tell you and if not, prepare to be put in your place, because if you’re not trying to be a positive in my life, I have no use for you!! If you are a potential client, know that I go to great lengths to protect your privacy and if you want to be added to my private group, just add me as a friend on Facebook. Happy Monday!

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