All the skills…

When I first met this doll, we started at a new job together last year and sat at the same table. When I saw her I thought, “man, I would love to have her in front of my camera!” (Which I think that about a lot of people too lol) But she is a beautiful person in every way!!

She is fierce and strong and I was impressed back when we were training in our new job roles and spent endless hours sitting and learning, and one day she got up out of her chair and proceeded to do a handstand against the wall! I would break my head if I did that, but she is graceful and poised and you can tell she is very into yoga.

We always try to incorporate something into our sessions to make them unique to each client. Some people bring their own props, some bring items that are special to their significant others, but she brought her strength and she did a few yoga poses (quite hard to do in lingerie sometimes lol)!

Most women are truly shocked at how many photos they love when they come back and have their reveal/purchasing session. We aren’t used to LOVING photographs of ourselves! This is what this lovely lady told me after seeing hers….”I just wanted to tell you again how amazing you are and how awesome those pictures were! You truly have a gift behind the camera and I am so so glad I did pictures with you!!!! I know you hear it all the time and you tell everybody that they already are, but seeing those last night really reminded me that I can look beautiful. So thank you again christie!!!!”

She is getting a lovely album with 36 photos and a phone app (everyone LOVES the phone apps!!!) to be able to have these to look at forever!!

Guess what though? You don’t have to be able to do yoga to have a boudoir session with us!! I walk you through every pose and don’t expect you to know how to do anything! Go here to schedule a quick chat with me and let me tell you all about our luxury experience!

Thank you J, again, for choosing us and letting us remind you that you are beautiful!!!

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