Mrs. A

I love when women share their “why” with us…each person has a unique and very human experience and we are always humbled to be a part of their growth!! Now, it’s your turn too…go here to get all the deets!!

Here is (in her own words) her story…

I have struggled with insecurities related to my body image for a long time. Growing up people would say I was too skinny, anorexic, or needed to eat a biscuit. 

Small comments really made me feel like I was not attractive. I always compared myself to others that were “thick” wishing I had curves like them.

I originally decided to do this because a really close friend of mine did, she told me all about her experience and how amazing it has made her feel. Her pictures were absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! 

I had some reserve because I was scared that I’d look too skinny, I was afraid my insecurities would shine right through theses pictures. I thought my lips were paper thin, my legs were long and skinny, my boobs were little and no where near as “cute” as they were before breastfeeding two children, I thought I had no curves at all to show so why should I? 

But I did it. I used my anniversary as an excuse as to why I wanted theses pictures, but in reality I done it for myself. 

I was nervous at first, but Christie welcomed me in with open arms! I had no clue how I wanted my hair or my makeup, I never get “dolled up”, but Heather knew exactly what to and she killed it! 

I was more nervous to view my pictures than I was actually taking them them.  I was afraid I was going to view them as I viewed myself in that moment. 

When I arrived Christie said to me “I want you to look at theses as if it’s your best friend” and OMG girl I did! 

I was overwhelmed with how beautiful they were! That girl on the screen was really me?! I cried at how amazing her and Heather both highlighted everything about me, from my lips to my legs. What I was so insecure about, I loved the most in that moment! I still do today. 

Being a  beautiful person comes from the inside, but seeing your outside beauty is so important as well. 

This experience was absolutely beautiful! I have my box showcased in my room on my dresser and I have no choice but to look at it daily. It’s a reminder that I am beautiful, I am sexy, and I am perfect the way God made me. 

Thank you again both Heather and Christie for showing me and SO many other women how beautifully made we all individually are! 

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