Exciting news…and a sweet little video

I haven’t posted much about my life lately, mainly because I have been too busy living it to be able to pause and write about it…but there are lots of changes coming!!

First of all, we will be moving to a new location soon, there will, of course, be more information on that coming in the next few weeks (P.S. it’s PeRfEcT :D).  We are still booking appointments and are almost booked up for September and October (get in touch SOON if you are thinking of doing this for Christmas!!!).

Second, I am in the process of revamping my website, it’s just always a work in progress and I will be incorporating some professional help too.  There will also be more package options and different price points to suit every budget!

Third, we are now offering something really cool that I have came up with and named “alpha-body” sessions.  That’s where we take parts of your body and the shape of it, to spell out words, such as your lovers name or some other significant word that means something to you.  These sessions are so cool and I have examples at the studio that you can see!!

Lastly, I just love this shoot so much, she truly rocked it, so I made a little video to share too! I hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by and reading!!

Double the fun!!

Here are a few more from recent couples sessions we did…I LOVE capturing the connection between people, from the laughs and smiles, to the sexy looks they have for one another…..and these peeps all rocked it!!! They all had to step out of their comfort zone and it was harder to do for the men than the women sometimes!!!  When it was all said and done, they all had such a fun time and have all said they would love to do it again. It is a great experience to have together and would make a great anniversary, engagement, or just make a new special occasion together!

Dangerous Beauties…

So, I have had the serious crud the last couple of weeks and have been neglecting this blog…sorry about that!!

Here are a few of the ladies who joined us for an event we did for Valentine’s Day!  Yes, we allow weapons as long as they are unloaded and we trust you lol!!

I hope all of your loves enjoyed the gifts you gave them, and I hope all you readers enjoy their gorgeousness!!  Thanks to part of my awesome team Adrienne Horton and Taylor Sanders for such a busy fun filled day!

(No photographers were harmed during the shoot (ha! no pun intended…maybe…yes, I am a dork))


Getting bigger is a good thing!!

We are so excited to announce that we now have a second studio space!! We will now be located in Mount Airy as well as High Point!!! We can truly serve the Triad more easily now, and we can’t wait to meet more of you all.

This is such a dream come true and one more step into growing our business and help boost so many more women’s confidence. We have goals and dreams and we are digging to make them a reality…sooner rather than later!! 

I love my team so much and they will still be with me, but I may need some people in High Point too…I have several friends there and I’m sure they can recommend great women to send my way. I also love my clients who recommend our services to their friends and realize this is not some experience to take lightly or find some cheap deal on. My clients are the best!! 

This is Narnia House…we can’t to start booking clients starting in February!! 

The new Mrs…

This fabulous, spunky, witty lady just got married!!!  These were a present for her groom to be. She obliterated this shoot!  I love capturing women’s personalities and putting their own personal touches, as well as what their significant other likes, in boudoir photos.  Here are just a few of the shoot, if you’d like to see the entire gallery, shoot us a message and we will get you a link sent out to view them!

Book your shoot now, prices are changing January 1st, get locked into this years pricing now!!

I am excited to get her in my studio again!!!




Hello November

What the???  Ya’ll…it’s already November!!!  Gah, we have been whirlwind busy around my house…we had two weddings in October, as well as tons of other stuff to shoot and edit too…needless to say, I have been at this computer often lol!!  This month is looking to be even busier, which is a great thing and I am blessed that I am booked out (don’t let that stop you, we may can eeek you in on a weekday evening lol)!!

My new job is fabulous and I am a part of something that means so much to a lot of people and it is very gratifying for me. Life is great!!!

Here are just a few from a bridal boudoir I did recently….she is so beautiful and rocked her shoot, as well as made such a beautiful bride!!!

Wedding (throw back) Wednesday

Photography is cool, I really love meeting new people and getting to peek into their lives for a bit.  This young lady reached out to me at the beginning of the year and chose me to do their wedding, as well as her bridals.  It’s funny how close you can get to someone in just a short amount of time, we shared stories and a lot of laughs in the journey we had together.

I am so glad this sweet couple found me to do photography for them, and in honor of their one year “engagement anniversary” here are some of my favorites from their wedding back on May 7th.  Looking back on them is bittersweet for me, we don’t get to talk as much now that it’s done, but through social media, I still get to keep up with them (and their animals 😀 ).  Thanks so much Alisonne and Austin, you guys are precious and your love for each other is something for others to reach for!!

Why every bride needs to do boudoir…

So you have gotten engaged…maybe he got down on one knee, at a crowded place and an unsuspecting time, and popped the question- or maybe he wasn’t brave enough to do that and did it in a quite conversation with just the two of you…however he did it, it took a lot for him to do it, and it was a very big deal for him!!

Now, the wedding planning begins!! Fun, right?  Haha, maybe some of it, but it is stressful.  Most men will bow out during this process and let the brides (and their friends and family) take over the details. Sure, most of them will give input when asked, but generally the women folks handle everything from the flowers, attire, venue, down to the decorations.

Then, the day of the wedding comes, he is about to stand up in front of everyone he knows (and maybe some he doesn’t know) and profess his undying devotion to you.  You have been busy planning and distracted by details getting ready for this day…it would be such a nice gesture to give him a token of how much he means to you, and that you didn’t forget he is the reason this day is happening for you.

A boudoir album gifted to the groom on the day of the wedding is such a special keepsake…as a photographer, I have had the honor of doing the boudoir shoot and designing the album, then to be the one to pull the groom aside to capture the moment of him seeing this unique gift.  It was emotional and touching, to say the least!!  I feel it meant a lot that his bride had taken the time out of the business of wedding planning, to do something like that for him.  He will have that album now to look back on at their 50th anniversary and still feel that emotion of his bride that day, that had chosen to focus on her groom.

Give us a call and let us help you gift your groom with this timeless keepsake!!