That’s What HE Said…(peep the PICS!!)

Did you know we offer couples sessions? We love to capture the connection, but keep it tasteful as well! We know everyone (even men) have issues and insecurities, but take a look at what one of our recent males had to say about this experience for himself (then peep the photos below!!)

When the idea of a couples boudoir shoot was brought up I was nervously optimistic about this. I’ve always hated photos, especially ones that require a fake smile with poses.

The morning of our shoot finally came, I actually was very excited after talking with some friends about their experience. When we arrived Heather went to work on make up. She did a fantastic job, even took a special request from me to accent some of my wife’s most beautiful features. Heather also help fix my hair for the photos so I wouldn’t be so self conscious about thin areas.

The make up was finished and Christie asked to speak with the both of us. At that moment she was able to address every fear I had about being so exposed in photographs. I could tell from that point she had a lot of experience working with people, especially ones that are self-conscious like me.

As the shoot begin things begin to flow naturally, no fake smiles, no holding a stated pose. We were able to hug, kiss, cuddle while Christie captured the both of us in a natural environment.

In hind sight a couple things I wish I would’ve done differently. First off I should have brought jeans with me, I assumed we were going straight to skin pictures but we started more clothed and work our way towards it. We also brought some costumes for my wife and I wish I would’ve left her have more solos photos in those.

A couple days later it was time for the reveal. We had so many pictures to choose from, narrowing it down it was difficult. They were all so good. Most of the angles were so that our bodily features we were most self-conscious about were hidden, but yet the most important parts were captured.

This experience was everything I could’ve hoped for, and more. The passion my wife and have for each other was captured with every snap of the camera! I would definitely recommend this for every couple regardless of how you may perceive yourself. And I hope to be a return customer!

Thanks for everything -TJ

Let’s chat about your couples session today! From now until Valentines Day we are offering $200 off the session fee!

Mrs. A

I love when women share their “why” with us…each person has a unique and very human experience and we are always humbled to be a part of their growth!! Now, it’s your turn too…go here to get all the deets!!

Here is (in her own words) her story…

I have struggled with insecurities related to my body image for a long time. Growing up people would say I was too skinny, anorexic, or needed to eat a biscuit. 

Small comments really made me feel like I was not attractive. I always compared myself to others that were “thick” wishing I had curves like them.

I originally decided to do this because a really close friend of mine did, she told me all about her experience and how amazing it has made her feel. Her pictures were absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! 

I had some reserve because I was scared that I’d look too skinny, I was afraid my insecurities would shine right through theses pictures. I thought my lips were paper thin, my legs were long and skinny, my boobs were little and no where near as “cute” as they were before breastfeeding two children, I thought I had no curves at all to show so why should I? 

But I did it. I used my anniversary as an excuse as to why I wanted theses pictures, but in reality I done it for myself. 

I was nervous at first, but Christie welcomed me in with open arms! I had no clue how I wanted my hair or my makeup, I never get “dolled up”, but Heather knew exactly what to and she killed it! 

I was more nervous to view my pictures than I was actually taking them them.  I was afraid I was going to view them as I viewed myself in that moment. 

When I arrived Christie said to me “I want you to look at theses as if it’s your best friend” and OMG girl I did! 

I was overwhelmed with how beautiful they were! That girl on the screen was really me?! I cried at how amazing her and Heather both highlighted everything about me, from my lips to my legs. What I was so insecure about, I loved the most in that moment! I still do today. 

Being a  beautiful person comes from the inside, but seeing your outside beauty is so important as well. 

This experience was absolutely beautiful! I have my box showcased in my room on my dresser and I have no choice but to look at it daily. It’s a reminder that I am beautiful, I am sexy, and I am perfect the way God made me. 

Thank you again both Heather and Christie for showing me and SO many other women how beautifully made we all individually are! 

Mama mia!!

This smokin’ hot lady right here…she is a mama of FOUR!! What the what?!?

I always tell clients that I don’t expect them to know how to “look sexy” and I will never say…”okay, give me your sexy face”…who knows how to even do that lol!!

I pose everything about you, head to toe, every person I photograph!! This rides on my skill and my having studying posing women for over eight years now! You are in great hands with us!! We have been told we make it easy!

We are booking into April and don’t want you to miss your chance to do this, as we only have limited number of sessions we do each week, so hurry and book with us NOW!!

Congratulations, you made it through 2020!!

That year shall be henceforth called, the year that shall not be named LOL!!

Looking back, it has been good for us at Created Wonderfully Boudoir Photography…we are blessed! We have had 115 wonderful new friends join us for this experience!

We have some great things we will be doing in this new year, such as our ambassador program, we have finished taking applications and are still in the interview process, but we hope to announce the one chosen on February 1st.

We are also going to have some pieces of lingerie for purchase when you come in for your shoot!! Rock it in your session, take it home with you, so cool!! We have upgraded some of our artwork products we offer, and there are so many amazing ways to keep these timeless keepsakes!

Our closed Facebook group for ladies is freakin awesome! We have so much fun in there with contests, empowerment, encouragement, and so much more! You definitely need to be in there!

Make this the year you do something for yourself (or as a couple, we do offer that!!) and learn to love yourself more!

I usually wrap up the year with some photographs, but we have a babe wall in our hair and make up room with most all the clients we have met this year, so come tour (or we can do it as a phone call, then you will see them when you come for your session!) and let me show you why we are #notyourbasicboudoir and how this is sooooo much more than just having pictures taken!!

We know it is a scary step to take, but it will be worth it, go to our website and click on “contact us” and we will email you back with all the information about what we do!! Come on, let’s have some fun in this new year!!

Thankful, grateful, blessed…

I know that sounds so cliche, but it is truly how I feel and I wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know my heart today. I am so fortunate enough that I get to do what I love every day. I have worked really hard to get here and make a viable business doing my passion, I don’t ever take that for granted. I see other photographers doing the super busy hustle of family, wedding, and kids/babies right now and it makes me even more grateful to have studied and specialized in the genre that I do. (I am sure those people love what they do as well, don’t get me wrong) I have said it many times before, give me a half naked, insecure woman and let me show her how beautiful she is in my climate controlled, bug free, studio not on weekends or holidays and my dream has been made lol.

I am thankful for my husband and son, who have put up with my whole career as a photographer and all the time that I did sacrifice from them to hone my craft and get a good fundamental knowledge of photography and business, as well as working at the time as a nurse. I know they got put on the back burner more times than I like to think about. They are now getting to enjoy (maybe? lol) more time with me, a less stressed out me, and have me hounding them more at home haha!!

My clients are one of my greatest blessings to me as well…I know there are other choices in photographers, I know I am not the cheapest, I know I am not the best ever, and I know they come to me and are very vulnerable to do this type of experience. We value our time, tools, and talents (You can’t beat Heather’s make up artistry!!) and I am glad our clients value themselves enough to want someone who has had a lot of women in front of the camera though, but we are still so excited they come to us and we still strive for it to be such a special adventure that she will want to do it with us again and again!! I know there are some people who may have negative things to say about me and my business practices (I am not a push over and demand to be respected, just as I will respect them. You can’t please everyone, if you have ever ran your own business you know this, and it is my business, so I do run it the way it has to be run to be able to keep having it) but for the most part, I feel we make a positive impact in the lives of almost every woman we have photographed.

In closing, I am so thankful for so many more things that I am sure no one wants to read all of that stuff, so I want to wrap this up by telling any other people that are reading this, I would love to help you have a better work/life balance, get some systems in place to make you feel less like you need more hours in the day, and help give you the confidence to make you own business become what you want it to be. If you would like more information about that, reach out to me at and we can certainly chat. This goes for other photographers, side hustle businesses who want to go full time, or any other person who just needs a little coaching in their life to make it better for you and your family!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!

Much love,


All the skills…

When I first met this doll, we started at a new job together last year and sat at the same table. When I saw her I thought, “man, I would love to have her in front of my camera!” (Which I think that about a lot of people too lol) But she is a beautiful person in every way!!

She is fierce and strong and I was impressed back when we were training in our new job roles and spent endless hours sitting and learning, and one day she got up out of her chair and proceeded to do a handstand against the wall! I would break my head if I did that, but she is graceful and poised and you can tell she is very into yoga.

We always try to incorporate something into our sessions to make them unique to each client. Some people bring their own props, some bring items that are special to their significant others, but she brought her strength and she did a few yoga poses (quite hard to do in lingerie sometimes lol)!

Most women are truly shocked at how many photos they love when they come back and have their reveal/purchasing session. We aren’t used to LOVING photographs of ourselves! This is what this lovely lady told me after seeing hers….”I just wanted to tell you again how amazing you are and how awesome those pictures were! You truly have a gift behind the camera and I am so so glad I did pictures with you!!!! I know you hear it all the time and you tell everybody that they already are, but seeing those last night really reminded me that I can look beautiful. So thank you again christie!!!!”

She is getting a lovely album with 36 photos and a phone app (everyone LOVES the phone apps!!!) to be able to have these to look at forever!!

Guess what though? You don’t have to be able to do yoga to have a boudoir session with us!! I walk you through every pose and don’t expect you to know how to do anything! Go here to schedule a quick chat with me and let me tell you all about our luxury experience!

Thank you J, again, for choosing us and letting us remind you that you are beautiful!!!

Wow, a year already?

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet young lady a few years back. She came in for her first boudoir session with us, and totally rocked it! Then about a year a half after that, she had another session booked with us, her boyfriend at the time, knew about the upcoming shoot and wanted us to help him with an awesome surprise, he was going to propose!!

When she was finished with hair and make up, we went into the studio room where he had been hiding, we turned her around and there he was with the ring. It was perfect!! Check out that video here!!

We had the pleasure of photographing their engagement, wedding, and most recently, her third boudoir session with us to surprise him with a gift (first anniversary is paper, by the way ladies!!).

These two are special people to me and I am glad they value photographs and what I do!! Thanks again Devin and Lauren, happy first anniversary!! <3

Ms. H

I have the ability to see the images in my head of a client from the minute they walk in my studio…I guess from years of doing this, I know what “raw materials” I have in any person.

When this beauty walked in, I knew that she didn’t have a clue how stunning she was.  I think she was very pleased, as well as her husband, who was deployed at the time, will be even more amazed at her beauty and bravery for having this session done for him!

I aim to show at least 45-50 poses from a session when clients come back in for their reveal, I had 70 of H!!  She made it so easy, and I was also using a borrowed Canon R Mirrorless with my Sigma 50 f1.4 Art for all you togs out there, and it is just dreamy, right?!?!  All the hearts to this session and especially to this young lady, who now hopefully, sees herself in an entirely different way!!

Thank you for reading and looking at her photos, but don’t you just really want to do this for yourself too?  Come on and contact us today!!!

We love our repeat clients…

And our first timers too!! But when someone has been with us before, there is a level of trust that’s deeper, they are even more excited than the first time because they are not as nervous, and we are like old friends because we probably have still stayed in touch even after the session was over and their products delivered.

Here are just a few from some recent shoots with some rockstars who are part of our CWB family group, this is a private group we have for past clients where we offer specials, client appreciation events, and discounts. We feel like boudoir is kinda like tattoos in that it’s a little bit addictive lol!!

Our calendar is filling up fast for the rest of the year, so if this is something you even think you want to know more about, get in touch with us now! The best way to do that is by going to our website and clicking on the “Be Empowered” button, fill out that form, then check your email!! You can be afraid, but do it anyway!! You won’t regret it!!

Morning ramblings…

Happy Friday my friends!

This has been a very chaotic, busy, frustrating, but rewarding few weeks for me in my personal life. Throw all of the events going on in the world as well, and needless to say, I got run down, but now I’m hitting the ground running from now on!!

Now, here are all the new things going on in my life. First, I am now a full time boudoir photographer and I am so excited. It was bittersweet to step away from nursing, but I’d been doing that for fifteen years and life is too short to not do what your passion is!!

Second, we sold our house and have bought my grandpas that he built back in the 60’s, yes, we have lots of projects to do from now on!! It’s been surreal to be back in this house again, I lived here previously when my son was about six weeks old until he was about five. Lots of memories for me!

Lastly, I have some big things planned for the future of my business!! I want to be able to show every woman how beautiful she is and have some fun time for herself. Whatever the excuse may be, we have an answer, so if you’ve been wanting to do it, now is the time!! Check out the website and click on book your shoot and fill out that form and then we will get back to you soon and we will chat!!

Have a blessed day, love one another, be kind, and think outside of your own bubble and see how things may look to someone else in their bubble, it’s not the same!!