So many stories…

What an overwhelming feeling it is to have so many women contact us and share their stories and what has shaped them into the people they are today. We humans are such resilient, strong, vibrant creatures and can take a whole lot of damage and come out stronger!! We love meeting new people and connecting and earning their trust, we know there are lots of other photographers and that there is a choice, and we are humbled so much when people say to us that they couldn’t have went anywhere else for this experience because we made them feel so at ease, so fast.

My team of ladies that work with me are phenomenal and I love them so much….they are part of this experience just as much as I am and are as adamant about empowering women as I am!

This lady right here, she and I clicked from our very first meeting, and she absolutely is stunning!! Thank you for choosing us!  Call today for your no obligation chat fest with us lol 336-710-8567

Lady A…

I know I say this a lot, but WOW!!  This lady just slayed this shoot!

We want this experience to be about you and your significant other (if you have one, but it’s DEFINITELY not required!!) so we encourage personal props…this was a first, and I hope not the last, to have a full set of drums in our studio!

Thank you A for sharing this with us, you are truly beautiful inside and out!!!

Happy Birthday!!

See this photo at the top (click on blog link to see it)? Her husband now has a 20×30 canvas hanging on his side of the bed!!  Let you hubby have what he wants 🙂

We got the pleasure of shooting Chelsa not too long ago for her maternity boudoir and she is amazing!!  Not just in looks, but her whole being.  She has had to face unimaginable loss in her life and is one tough chickie!!

Thank you for letting us have this honor and happy birthday to Logan Knox and congratulations Chelsa and Billy!! (And auntie Haley too!!)


This girl right here is one of my most favorite people on this planet….She came to work with me back in October and has become invaluable to me.  She helps me with everything from cleaning to helping me keep my sanity (that’s a huge job in itself!!!!!).

She said before this shoot that she just doesn’t see herself as sexy…I think this may have helped her to see that maybe just as much as her sweet hubby does, which I doubt because he is wild about her (with good reason, right??)!!!

Thank you Allison for all you are to me, I love you and your face lol!!!

Let us remind you that you are beautiful too!!!! Booking for next year going on right now!  Also, we have a buy one, get one special…two shoots for the price of one!!  Call for details 336-648-8480 or email us at


100% Photoshop Free

I love this girl…she is one of my most favorite humans on the planet!!  She has been with me for a couple of years now and we have done some cool work together!

I love that she is confident with her body and doesn’t see things like stretch marks and curves, as flaws!

This is a shoot we did for me to play with some lighting and different things in my new studio and none of these have seen Photoshop and I love them so much!

Let us remind you that you are beautiful just like you are too…  Enjoy!~


Flashback Friday…

This was an experiment I did with my husband almost three years ago, he had been down for three months with a back injury and had just had surgery one week prior to this.  Being the loving wife I am, made him let me play with some new lights I had lol, that is the life of being married to a boudoir photographer 😀 …I was pleased with them anyway (he IS a hottie), and dug them back up a couple of weeks ago when I had a male ask me about doing a shoot.  (Yes, we will shoot them after a consultation, as well as couples!)

Keep in mind we have gift certificates available for you to give a loved one, this would be the ultimate gift!!



They can be really fun 😀

Now, you can have your chance to have a little taste of boudoir…this will make an amazing holiday gift that you lover won’t soon forget, and neither will you!!!

November 25, we have a limited number of spots for only $300 you will get a 30 minute shoot and an online gallery of 10-15 images that you may print from a pro lab and receive a phone app that can be placed on yours and their phone to be able to see all the sexy goodness anytime y’all want to!!

Purchase yours today before they are all gone!!  (Once paid for you will receive further follow up to get you ready for the big day!!!)


Sexuality and infertility…

I have been doing some soul searching lately and some thinking about my connection I have with a lot of the women that come to me for the experience of a boudoir shoot. I am very much a thinker, my mind will not shut up…so in some type of convoluted way, I am going to attempt to explain my thoughts on why this is such a passion for me. 

I was sexually molested as a child. As often times, it was at the hands of family memebers (yes, plural) and through most of my adult life I had always brushed the events off as “no big deal” because I wasn’t raped or, if I recall correctly, not even touched myself, but made to touch them. So, this didn’t seem like a big deal to me. I have had friends tell me their stories of abuse and they seem way more horrific than mine, but evidently mine WAS a big deal in the way my mind and sexuality formed. 

I have had patterns in my life of some serious self sabotage related to the way my subconscious viewed myself. I have uprooted my life and several relationships and have done some really stupid things (as all humans have). It’s like if things are going really good, my mind says, ” let’s see what we can do to eff this up royally!” 

Now, to the heart of this conversation…I have struggled with infertility all of my life. Yes, I have a son, and he’s a fluke lol. I’m not really sure how I did finally get pregnant with him because I had went for years and through different procedures trying to get pregnant and finally did at age 27. Then had a terrible pregnancy and almost anything that could go wrong during it, did. It sucked. I hated being pregnant (took a lot of therapy for me to even be able to say that without guilt about it) but when he was born, was just an absolute dream (and still is!). 

Infertility is a wicked thing, women are SUPPOSED to have babies. That’s what society and your family, and everyone else you ever meet, once someone gets married the next question is when are you going to have babies….infertility does something to you as a woman. It beats you up and fills you with shame and guilt and can attack your subconscious mind in a bad way. (Sexual molestation and infertility can be linked together actually, want more information on that read this article.). 

I have had so many women sit in my office during a consultation that have struggled with infertility. They definitely forget they are beautiful and still very much are women who can and should be loved and adored and desired!! This is what makes having a shoot done, such an empowering experience for them. It’s okay, actually encouraged, to feel like you are someone beautiful, sexy, even wanton in my place. Sex isn’t a dirty thing, having sexual desires isn’t bad, and being a woman who can embrace the characteristics of being a woman, is priceless to be able to feel, for a change, like a woman who is beautiful regardless of what your body won’t do. I love to see a woman see herself on the back of my camera in a new and different, guilt-free way and to watch them blossom and get in touch with the place in their brain that forgives themselves for being “inadequate”.  

Now, thankfully in my life, even dealing with secondary infertility for several years after having my son, I’m done with desiringto have  more children. It was a long hard process to come to terms with and to know I won’t be able to give my husband a child of his own, I realize I’m not inadequate to him and he loves me for me anyway (for whatever reason lol) and I have come a very long way in my journey to be happy and healthy. It heals me to help other women and I feel it helps my connection with women because I’ve been through some crap too, we all have. 

I hope this makes some sense and thanks for reading if you’re at this last sentence!!! We are all just doing the best we can to get through this life, love each other!! 

Private post, stay out!!!

You don’t follow directions very well, do you?  I like that lol!!  Anyway, just a quick little post to update on a couple of things.  Sunday, September the 10th will be the grand opening of Created Wonderfully Lingerie Boutique, come see us from 1-6 at 125 Oak Street in downtown Mount Airy! We will have a couple of drawings going on that day as well as some exciting offers!  There is a private room that is for members only with a few novelty items and some more racy type lingerie instead of just the “pretty ones” out front, to have access to it you must subscribe with your email address to this blog (there’s a place at the bottom to enter your email) and you’ll receive back a confirmation as well as being subscribed to this blog and always have the most up to date information about specials and sales for photography and lingerie!! It’s a win/win!!

If you have already been approved for the members only room, you need not do anything, but if you do sign up for emails then you’ll get to see about sales that we will be having that may not always be open to the general public!

Thanks for all of the support and I can’t wait to see you all!


Sheesh, I think I can rest now…oh, wait…nevermind

Dang.  I. Am. Tired.

Ok, let me see if I can fill you all in on the past two weeks…Moved out of old studio on Franklin Street into new studio/lingerie boutique on Oak Street, and the listed the old studio on AirBnB. Those several words do not nearly entail all that has went into this procedure…nor the sweat, tears, and aggravation it caused at times, but neither does it tell of the friends I have surrounding me that have pitched in tirelessly to accomplish this with me. My husband has been such a rock star during this and climbing the ladder for me, because if you know me, I don’t do heights…I am also scared of heights for others that I see on them lol….anyway, I am such a blessed chick!!

On August the 24th I had already had plans to take my 16 year old son to a little, before being a junior in high school, mama/son trip to Asheville.  This was all planned before I decided to move/open lingerie/rent out old space and I did have second thoughts about going.  I could have explained to him that I just didn’t have the time right now, and, being the most freakin awesome kid he is, would have shrugged it off like it was no big deal.  I went anyway and left all my work and stuff I needed to be doing, and I am so so so so glad I did.  We had the best time (well…I did anyway, he tolerated me lol). I realize so much more that life is short and fragile and so finite and my son will only be readily available to me just a couple more short years.  It was a priceless trip, and guess what, all that stuff was still here waiting for me when I got back, and it is getting done.

We had our first shoot in the new studio Monday and it was amazing!!!  September is almost full, but due to some reschedules there are a couple spots that have recently opened up.  October I will only be working at the hospice home on a very limited basis to be able to be at my lingerie shop more and to talk to potential boudoir photography clients. The grand opening for the lingerie boutique is going to be September 10th from 1-6 and I am going to have some specials going on that day.

Now…I am going to be able to have some time to kick back, but probably not until October.  Good thing I thrive on a full calendar because I sure have one and love every minute of it!!!