Thankful, grateful, blessed…

I know that sounds so cliche, but it is truly how I feel and I wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know my heart today. I am so fortunate enough that I get to do what I love every day. I have worked really hard to get here and make a viable business doing my passion, I don’t ever take that for granted. I see other photographers doing the super busy hustle of family, wedding, and kids/babies right now and it makes me even more grateful to have studied and specialized in the genre that I do. (I am sure those people love what they do as well, don’t get me wrong) I have said it many times before, give me a half naked, insecure woman and let me show her how beautiful she is in my climate controlled, bug free, studio not on weekends or holidays and my dream has been made lol.

I am thankful for my husband and son, who have put up with my whole career as a photographer and all the time that I did sacrifice from them to hone my craft and get a good fundamental knowledge of photography and business, as well as working at the time as a nurse. I know they got put on the back burner more times than I like to think about. They are now getting to enjoy (maybe? lol) more time with me, a less stressed out me, and have me hounding them more at home haha!!

My clients are one of my greatest blessings to me as well…I know there are other choices in photographers, I know I am not the cheapest, I know I am not the best ever, and I know they come to me and are very vulnerable to do this type of experience. We value our time, tools, and talents (You can’t beat Heather’s make up artistry!!) and I am glad our clients value themselves enough to want someone who has had a lot of women in front of the camera though, but we are still so excited they come to us and we still strive for it to be such a special adventure that she will want to do it with us again and again!! I know there are some people who may have negative things to say about me and my business practices (I am not a push over and demand to be respected, just as I will respect them. You can’t please everyone, if you have ever ran your own business you know this, and it is my business, so I do run it the way it has to be run to be able to keep having it) but for the most part, I feel we make a positive impact in the lives of almost every woman we have photographed.

In closing, I am so thankful for so many more things that I am sure no one wants to read all of that stuff, so I want to wrap this up by telling any other people that are reading this, I would love to help you have a better work/life balance, get some systems in place to make you feel less like you need more hours in the day, and help give you the confidence to make you own business become what you want it to be. If you would like more information about that, reach out to me at and we can certainly chat. This goes for other photographers, side hustle businesses who want to go full time, or any other person who just needs a little coaching in their life to make it better for you and your family!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!

Much love,


All the skills…

When I first met this doll, we started at a new job together last year and sat at the same table. When I saw her I thought, “man, I would love to have her in front of my camera!” (Which I think that about a lot of people too lol) But she is a beautiful person in every way!!

She is fierce and strong and I was impressed back when we were training in our new job roles and spent endless hours sitting and learning, and one day she got up out of her chair and proceeded to do a handstand against the wall! I would break my head if I did that, but she is graceful and poised and you can tell she is very into yoga.

We always try to incorporate something into our sessions to make them unique to each client. Some people bring their own props, some bring items that are special to their significant others, but she brought her strength and she did a few yoga poses (quite hard to do in lingerie sometimes lol)!

Most women are truly shocked at how many photos they love when they come back and have their reveal/purchasing session. We aren’t used to LOVING photographs of ourselves! This is what this lovely lady told me after seeing hers….”I just wanted to tell you again how amazing you are and how awesome those pictures were! You truly have a gift behind the camera and I am so so glad I did pictures with you!!!! I know you hear it all the time and you tell everybody that they already are, but seeing those last night really reminded me that I can look beautiful. So thank you again christie!!!!”

She is getting a lovely album with 36 photos and a phone app (everyone LOVES the phone apps!!!) to be able to have these to look at forever!!

Guess what though? You don’t have to be able to do yoga to have a boudoir session with us!! I walk you through every pose and don’t expect you to know how to do anything! Go here to schedule a quick chat with me and let me tell you all about our luxury experience!

Thank you J, again, for choosing us and letting us remind you that you are beautiful!!!

Sweeeeet Car-O-Line…dunn dunn dunnnnn

sorry, I was channeling some Neil Diamond for a minute lol!!

Seriously, this one was an amazing fun session with such a precious lady!! I had never met her before, but we just clicked and had the best time! She was getting ready to face a crazy scary, stressful, insane week so this was a little distraction from her reality in that moment. Thankfully, all things that were feared for her, did not come to pass and everything is good!

Here is a little snippet from her reveal when she got to see the photographs…it is my favorite part!! (Forgive the crappy video quality, that is not my forte, and she also didn’t know I was videoing her until afterward, I wanted her real reaction…she had said before she was okay with us recording her, but I was still sneaky about it lol) Women are not used to loving photos of themselves so it can be very emotional…I have so many tears during this time, it’s a wonderful thing to fall in love with how you see yourself!!

We realize most women have never done this before and are nervous about it. We can tell you all about our process and answer all of your questions with a quick 10-15 minute chat on the phone, or if you want to see the studio and meet me, we can do that!! Get on my calendar so you have my undivided attention!

Here are a few of her photos that made her cry and she did walk away with some really nice artwork…a little black book, a 20×30 metal, and a phone app!!! What are YOU waiting for, we are booking for 2021 now and we would love for you to come do this for your birthday (or the week of if we can’t get right on your day) and let us celebrate you even more!!

Pop, Boom, Kapow!!

Is it Fourth of July? I swear this girl is a firecracker! She came in nervous and shy, but in just a few minutes that all went away and she totally made my “job” easier than it usually is…

I can never get enough of the high I get, from seeing these women who come to us and trust our experience, go from insecure and sometimes scared to death…to the end of the session where they are so relaxed in such a vulnerable state and actually having fun.

When they come back in to view and purchase their photos, most of them tell me it’s a hard decision, because they love them all….photographs of themselves…they LOVE them…how often does that happen?? That’s a cool feeling for me that I have helped them love soooo many photos of themselves and they truly didn’t expect to. I have said it again and I will say it a thousand times more….I LOVE WHAT I DO!! Empowering women freakin rocks!!

This sweet young lady was no different in that she was struggling to decide which ones she loved the most. We got her into something in her budget that she loves, and I hope she treasures them and this confidence she gained, for a lifetime!!

We can’t wait to hear from you, did you know all of our sessions include hair and make up from our team? This make up was done by Heather (as about 98% of them are that are on our website)…We currently have a special going on so get on our calendar to book some time to chat with us at no obligation!!

Anniversary gift!

There is nothing better than wanting to gift someone you love with YOU!! I have people tell me all the time that they are doing this for someone else, but it truly ends up being just as much for themselves…women are so so so self critical and it really does suck that we want to nitpik every little thing about our body, when the people in our life who love us, could care less about those things we see as “flaws”. Think about it, do you pick apart your best friend and their body? I hope the answer is NO (if not then you’re not a good client for me lol), but so then why do we do it to ourselves? Ridiculous!!

Anyway, off my soap box now…This mama right here killed her session with us!! She was so much fun and such a beauty, in every way! She picked up a nice little album, a metal print, and some digitals to have as keepsakes and reminders of how she felt about herself that day.

I would love to personally chat with you about your session, you can do this too!! We can schedule a quick phone call or if you want to tour the studio and see the client closet and get a better personalization for your experience, use this link here and if you want a phone call, just note that on the form, and also check out our website!!

Thank you A for giving me the honor to photograph you, you are amazing!! <3

Wow, a year already?

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet young lady a few years back. She came in for her first boudoir session with us, and totally rocked it! Then about a year a half after that, she had another session booked with us, her boyfriend at the time, knew about the upcoming shoot and wanted us to help him with an awesome surprise, he was going to propose!!

When she was finished with hair and make up, we went into the studio room where he had been hiding, we turned her around and there he was with the ring. It was perfect!! Check out that video here!!

We had the pleasure of photographing their engagement, wedding, and most recently, her third boudoir session with us to surprise him with a gift (first anniversary is paper, by the way ladies!!).

These two are special people to me and I am glad they value photographs and what I do!! Thanks again Devin and Lauren, happy first anniversary!! <3


We recently did some studio renovations and got some new, awesome pieces of furniture, new bedding sets, new couch, new paint color, new client closet design, new lots of things…but what has stayed the same, is that we have the most gorgeous clients!!

This fiery red head (which we have had an abundance of this year and we LOVE it!!!) was simply stunning!! We had a great time, and did some amazing art!! She is getting a nice album, a couple of metal prints, some digitals, AND a complimentary shoot to come back and do it again with us!!

This passion to help women show their confidence UNAPOLOGETICALLY is what makes us love what we do. This is not “dirty” or “porn”…if you do feel that way, then kindly get out of here!! Ask any client that has ever been in front of my camera, this is alllllll about empowering women to see their true self and love who they are in their own skin!!

So I’m out with a mic drop and this bombshell who is badass and sweet, just the perfect combination!! <3


This bombshell was such a blast to work with!! She was willing to let us experiment with making a TikTok during her session. My associate Heather did the recording during the shooting and we posted it…it went viral (which is still so cool to me that so many people saw something of ours lol). To date it has over 832K views!!! Which, I mean she is a beauty so I don’t know why I am so surprised!!!

When I show women a few shots during their shoot, from the back of my camera, there are lots of different emotions that they have…quite often I see tears, then I have to say something silly or stupid to keep the waterworks down so we don’t have to retouch their makeup lol, or very often I hear “is that me?”….yes, honey I promise I could not have switched photographs in the 0.5 seconds it took to turn this camera around, or a lot of times they are just speechless and in awe of themselves!! I say it during every shoot because I mean it with my whole heart…I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!

I am here for you every step of the way with this experience! This is my passion and my therapy! When you book with me, you get my cell phone number and there are never any dumb questions, you will never be getting on my nerves, and I am not judgmental at all, so bring on all your questions! You also get a client portal that has everything in one place for you to reference quickly to different links to recommended vendors, and other information about your shoot and how to prepare.

Get in touch with us today, we are booking up fast for the rest of the year!!

Enjoy Ms. N!!

The sweetest thing…

I swear, I say it a lot, but when people choose our studio and travel from a couple of states away, it just blows me away. I never feel like I have “arrived” when it comes to my business and photography in general, but dang it makes me feel so honored and humbled.

That’s part of the reason I say this is more than just having pictures taken, it is an experience that is really unique and lots of women have it on their bucket list to do, but end up being scared to take that plunge and reach out…we say just do it and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!!

So this beauty right here…she came from a couple states away for us, blew her session away and made my “job” amazingly easy, went to eat a bite, then her and her husband came back an hour later to the reveal/purchasing session…I think she was speechless when she saw her reveal video lol!! They both loved them and are getting a fabulous 11×14 walnut wood folio box (with an engraved top) with thirty of her matted gorgeous prints and a 20×30 canvas, and they are also going to be having a couples session done in the near future too, and I can’t freakin wait!!!

When they were leaving the studio to go back home, she had went to gather her things up and her husband was standing in my office doorway and he said, “maybe she now will see half of what I see…” Y’all I almost cried, that was precious and I just think how hard we women are on ourselves and the people that love us don’t see any of the things we see as “flaws”…

Thank you both for the honor to meet you and I can’t wait to see you again!!

Now, what are YOU waiting for? Just take that first step and you won’t regret it!!

Lashes, lips, and laughs!!

I always have fun with my clients, I am a very fun loving person anyway and probably laugh more than most grown women do at stuff that most don’t lol!! This doll right here and I had so many laughs that day, I am really surprised I was able to get any serious sensual looks from her…but as you can see she succeeded in that for sure!!

I always tell folks that, even though these are sensual, sexy photographs, I want to capture their personality and spirit, because that’s what the people in their life love about them…beauty and bodies are just a bonus. I love to say stupid things to make people laugh to get real expressions and real smiles.

This particular lady reversed the roles on me and had me belly laughing so much during our session that I was sad when we were finished!!

I need for you all to put away your excuses and come let us show you that you can do this too!! It is totally risk free…when you come in for your reveal and ordering appointment, if you don’t love your photographs you get your session fee back or we reshoot you!! We know this is a scary idea for most women, because we are our own worst critics, but we have done this for hundreds of women! Go to the website and click on get empowered for more information!

Enjoy Ms. R!!