Hey, you…yes, you!!

Do you ever get tired of everyone else’s needs being met before your own?  Have you lost your identity as a woman instead of always just being mommy or wifey?  Would you love to be able to look at a photograph of yourself and have it transform how you feel and elevate your mood?  We can help!!

Being healthy and happy starts with your mentality and how you feel about yourself…there is a whole bunch of psychology in that statement that I won’t get into, but you view yourself how you tell yourself to.  While we make no guarantees about this experience and how it will improve your self esteem, you can just take a look at the reviews that some of our past clients have left for us.  Give us your tiny little seed of self confidence and we think we can help it to blossom into something more!!  Plus, it is one of the most fun experiences to have, and everyone needs a little more fun in their life!!

Give us a call today at 336-710-8567 to book your, no obligation, no sales pitchy, just hang out for 30 minutes with me, to let us help you see why you should do this now, not later, consultation!!



Dangerous Beauties…

So, I have had the serious crud the last couple of weeks and have been neglecting this blog…sorry about that!!

Here are a few of the ladies who joined us for an event we did for Valentine’s Day!  Yes, we allow weapons as long as they are unloaded and we trust you lol!!

I hope all of your loves enjoyed the gifts you gave them, and I hope all you readers enjoy their gorgeousness!!  Thanks to part of my awesome team Adrienne Horton and Taylor Sanders for such a busy fun filled day!

(No photographers were harmed during the shoot (ha! no pun intended…maybe…yes, I am a dork))



This was a fun sneaky little thing that happened…this couple got engaged earlier this year and all of their friends thought they were coming out on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to have engagement photos done…well, that isn’t what happened.  They wanted to have these “wedding” pictures done, then get married at a later date and the save the date invites they have sent out are actually to their reception party they will be having next fall, because they already tied the knot!!

Crystal came to the studio that day and Heather did her make up for her, then when she was ready, they had their first look outside.  They chose to do these on Main Street in Mount Airy, because that’s where they had their first date.  There are some nice people in our little town too, during one shot we were out in the middle of the street and a car pulled up sideways and offered to block off traffic for us if we were going to be shooting anymore out there….so sweet!

Crystal made a gorgeous retro looking bride, with her dress from the 50’s, and her and Ryan are so cute together!!  I wish them so much love together for the rest of their lives!!  Thank you for letting us be a part of this cool day for you!!


Confidence freakin rocks!!

There is one kind of woman we don’t shoot…I know that sounds harsh, and judgmental, but it is true…there is a kind of woman who I just won’t put in front of my camera…do you want to know who?  Keep reading then…

This girl was drug by her best friend to this shoot…almost kickin’ and screamin’ but she came, and boy am I ever glad because it has been one of my favorites…once she got into the studio with me, about five minutes in, she blossomed (as most women do) and it was a beautiful thing to see.  She found this inner confidence and had so much fun! They were supposed to be a surprise for her husband on Christmas, well she couldn’t wait to show him and I can’t say that I blame her!  Gorgeousness defined!  Enjoy a few, as always, if you’d like to see more, contact us for an in person planning session and get to know the photographer!

Now, back to the women we won’t shoot…the ones who don’t book!!! We understand that most women feel they can’t do this and have a plethora of excuses…let us help you see that you can do it too!!!

A day in the life

I wish I had a clone of myself…one that knew how my mind NEVER stops going….never, and could do some of the endless tasks I do.  It is utterly exhausting most of the time.  I envy my husband, who can lay down at night, and be asleep in 5.9 seconds and there I lay, TRYING to shut my mind up to be able to go to sleep.  I have two full time jobs and do a pretty good job of keeping it all going.  My house work, very lacking. My down time, sorely neglected (glad I took my mini vacay in August). I thrive on being busy though, even as tiring as it all is, life is fabulous right now.  My new job, stressful indeed, but I know I am where I belong right now.  But here is just a snippet of a typical day in my life…

5am~ wake up usually before my husbands’ clock goes off and lay there until he gets up at 5:10

5:12~lay in bed and check emails and skim Facebook until my bladder says I must get up (I always have the hope I will be able to go back to sleep after Robert leaves…rarely happens…like three times a year, maybe)

5:30~ get up with the intentions of showering first, but usually drink my coffee while I edit a few pictures

6:30~ rush to take said shower because a few pictures turned into a lot more (or blogging, or updating my website, or replying to an email or message, or etc…you get the point)

7:15~get out the door to take kid to school, sit in the car and wait another ten minutes for the teenager who never gets in a hurry, even though I am losing my mind and honking the horn

8:00~arrive at my full time job that actually pays me lol and set messages to auto reply for my business, then there is so much that goes on in this time frame that there is no way I could put it all in this blog

5:00~ check messages and emails and Facebook and get back to all the stuff that has went on from 8-5; schedule clients, hair stylists, make up artists and myself; grab food as I head to the studio

5:30~reveals…this is one of my most favorite things to do, I love seeing clients see their images…it’s the best!! Or sometimes we have shoots at this time, which is one of my other favorite things to do (then I don’t get home until about 9)

6:30~home to edit a few more pictures for a couple of minutes, or work on album design, or blog, or advertise, and plan on seeing my kid and husband for a bit

10:00~realize that it is my bedtime and I can’t see straight anymore and my family has been without me again, so I go to bed

10:05~realize I am wide awake now, so I pick up a book

11:00~finally have read enough that my brain will be quite and I can go to sleep

Repeat 5-6 days a week haha!!

There you have just an idea of what it’s like to have my crazy busy life, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!!  ( I really do see my family more than I have let on, but still not as much as I’d like to, but one is a teenager and he only needs me for food, and the hubby is just about as busy as I am with all he does…)

Living the dream and loving life!!


The new Mrs…

This fabulous, spunky, witty lady just got married!!!  These were a present for her groom to be. She obliterated this shoot!  I love capturing women’s personalities and putting their own personal touches, as well as what their significant other likes, in boudoir photos.  Here are just a few of the shoot, if you’d like to see the entire gallery, shoot us a message and we will get you a link sent out to view them!

Book your shoot now, prices are changing January 1st, get locked into this years pricing now!!

I am excited to get her in my studio again!!!




Your excuses are invalid…

I am so so so excited to show this lady and share her story!!!  THIS is why I do what I do…she contacted us to do a boudoir shoot.  Y’all…she is 65, she has been through so much, and probably forgot about, more than most of us will ever go through!!!  Over coming physical limitations, fear, body image issues, and health conditions, she came up into our studio on sheer determination, and she was amazing!!  When I sent her a sneak peek of one of her images, she said “Is that really me?”  She had an amazing time getting pampered by my amazing team, who always rock!!  Check a few out (there are more to see in person, set up your appointment today), then tell me again why you can’t do this experience…. 😀



Hey everyone! I just felt compelled to write a few things this morning to you that read this blog and follow my work. I am just so blessed to be able to do what I do in my photography, it is my second full time job and I just love it even more after every shoot.  It is so fulfilling to me to watch scared ladies, who have almost backed out of doing their shoot, come in and rock it and to see, right before my eyes, their transformation.  It is really cool!!

I know there are other photographers out there, even now in this area, who are taking on boudoir, and that’s cool.  Everyone has a different style and if you are thinking about having boudoir taken, I hope you find the one who fits what you are looking for.  I just want to say to my past and present clients, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, my team really does appreciate you and we love to meet new ladies and share this with them.

There are some changes coming in 2017, as it is approaching us at warp speed…I am very excited to be able to grow my business in such a way that my dreams are now not just dreams, but goals.  Life is so short and I am wanting to live it wide open!!

Stay tuned for all of the things we have that will be taking place, you can follow this blog to receive updates in your email, in case Facebook doesn’t let you see my posts as often as you may have used to.  Thank you again to everyone who supports me!!!



Hello November

What the???  Ya’ll…it’s already November!!!  Gah, we have been whirlwind busy around my house…we had two weddings in October, as well as tons of other stuff to shoot and edit too…needless to say, I have been at this computer often lol!!  This month is looking to be even busier, which is a great thing and I am blessed that I am booked out (don’t let that stop you, we may can eeek you in on a weekday evening lol)!!

My new job is fabulous and I am a part of something that means so much to a lot of people and it is very gratifying for me. Life is great!!!

Here are just a few from a bridal boudoir I did recently….she is so beautiful and rocked her shoot, as well as made such a beautiful bride!!!