2018 recap…

Some of our best work, we can’t show, and that’s alright, we understand…but, man oh man we would love to show you more lol!!  We have had the absolute pleasure of over seventy beautiful people in front of our camera this year!! We are looking forward to meeting many more and to show people a different side of themselves and help to build more confidence!!  Come be a part of our family in 2019, we have several options available for financing, and we are full service and with you every step of the way!!

For any new visitors here, we have a studio located downtown Mount Airy, NC. We offer full service photography services, we will never leave you stuck on a disk! Give us a call at 336-648-8480!!

Here is a sample of some of the gorgeousness that we have witnessed over the past 365 days…enjoy!!!


Hey, you…yes, you!!

Do you ever get tired of everyone else’s needs being met before your own?  Have you lost your identity as a woman instead of always just being mommy or wifey?  Would you love to be able to look at a photograph of yourself and have it transform how you feel and elevate your mood?  We can help!!

Being healthy and happy starts with your mentality and how you feel about yourself…there is a whole bunch of psychology in that statement that I won’t get into, but you view yourself how you tell yourself to.  While we make no guarantees about this experience and how it will improve your self esteem, you can just take a look at the reviews that some of our past clients have left for us.  Give us your tiny little seed of self confidence and we think we can help it to blossom into something more!!  Plus, it is one of the most fun experiences to have, and everyone needs a little more fun in their life!!

Give us a call today at 336-710-8567 to book your, no obligation, no sales pitchy, just hang out for 30 minutes with me, to let us help you see why you should do this now, not later, consultation!!



Hot redhead :)

This is my friend S…stunning isn’t she??  This is what she had to say about her sneak peek photo I sent her after her shoot….

“I’m floored!!! I hate having my picture taken for anything. These are beautiful!! You, my friend, are amazing!!!!”

I love when I have clients who are so nervous and apprehensive then push through the nerves anyway and book their shoot, then totally rock it like she did!!!  She got a lovely layflat album that was delivered this week, this is what she said about it…

“Love love love the book!!!!! We looked through it already. Lol. Love the feel of the cover, the thickness of the pages……..just everything about it!! Thank you so much for being so good at what you do!!! Love ya lady ❤”

I love what I do 😀

Enjoy a few from her shoot!!